Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 15: Good Eats

Since I missed yesterday and I have to work a double today, I'm writing this now even before the day has really begun.  All of the meals below are packed to be eaten later. So, I know I haven't actually eaten dinner yet but this is what's in my lunch/dinner bag for the day (I'm leaving in an hour and won't be home until 10pm).

I'm getting a lot more creative with my meals.  My salads used to be extremely plain with nothing more than carrots & cucumbers. Now I'm adding hot peppers, seasonings, different dressings, nuts, and tons of veggies to it. My cooked veggies started out as just string beans. Now I'm buying squash, onions, different peppers, and again...seasonings to add to the mix! I used to cook with seasonings in the typical fashion, chicken seasoning on chicken, steak seasoning on steak, garlic on veggies but I'm starting to use different varieties of seasonings on the same meal every day. A lot of people ask me "Don't you get bored with salads and cooked vegetables?" and honestly, no. Just because I eat cooked vegetables 7 days a week doesn't mean they taste the same every day. Using rosemary & garlic seasoning one day tastes extremely different than the BBQ seasoning I'll use today, and different from the paprika I'll use tomorrow. It brings variety and doesn't let me get bored with my healthy meals.

Felt: Pretty lazy.  I've been working a lot of long days lately, and I have another double to work today.  It's hard to be motivated to workout especially when, by the time I get home, it's dark out.  This is the only time of year I wish I had access to a gym so I could go run at 9 pm on a treadmill if I wanted.  I am staying focused on my eating habits though because those alone are helping me lose weight.  The working out is a bonus.
Ate: B- Strawberry Banana Smoothie & fruit/nut bar L: Cooked veggie mix- string beans, carrots, yellow squash, red pepper, onion, and seasonings & fruit/nut bar D: Big salad- lettuce, alfalfa sprouts (I'm in love with these), carrot, green pepper, jalapeno peppers, onion, cucumber & dressing and pumkin seeds on the side.
The start of my veggie mix!

Exercise: Did about 30 minutes of yoga in the morning. I really, truly want to run, but like it said, it's hard after working a 14 hour work day. And on top of that, my shins still hurt even when I'm not doing anything stressful to them.

The weather is getting a lot nicer here (it was 67 yesterday) which is getting me really giddy for all of our outdoor adventures.  The dogs always want to be outside, and I really want to be able to enjoy the mornings without freezing my bum off.

TIP OF THE DAY: Drink a lot of water! Cliché, right? NO! 2 days ago, I forgot to bring my 32oz water bottle to work which I typically refill 3 times in a day. Because I left it at home, I had almost no water. Guess what...the next day, I gained almost 2 pounds! I underestimated the power of what H2O was doing to my body. Don't have a big water bottle? Buy one. I have some coworkers that laugh at me because I carry it with me everywhere. But I'm also not dehydrated and the water is constantly cleansing my body.


  1. Tip of the day = GENIUS. So true about drinking water! And a lot of the time when you think you are hungry, you are just dehydrated. You could lose 10+ pounds by just drinking a glass of water 20 minutes before each meal.
    Congrats Lacey - your meals look delicious and you and Mike are truly going about this the right way!
    It's not about crazy exercise and dieting -- it's about a PERMANENT LIFESTYLE change that will keep you healthy and fit forever.
    <3 you laceypants!

  2. Love all the changes and the meals you're sharing! Awesome! By the way, you ARE growing your own sprouts...right?? It's a no-brainer and sooo yummy! Try some radish sprouts for a peppery kick and broccoli sprouts for lots of flavor and cancer killing compounds! By the way, I've lost all of my Christmas weight gain, on to finishing what I started last year!

  3. Actually Aunt Betty, I'm not but just two days ago I said to Mike "Remind me to not buy sprouts next week because Aunt Betty had directions on her blog". No joke. I bought them last week just because I needed them that day and didn't have all the stuff to grow them myself. I'll write about how it goes next week after I try it out.

  4. Your veggie pic looks soooo yummy. Dad and I are still at it his shoulders are soooo much better and I can't get over how soft my hair has become. You're straight on with the water. I forgot my water bottle yesterday also and didn't lose an ounce. Go figure oh and your grandmother loved sprouts put them on sandwiches and everything, we used to tease her by saying she was part goat lol
    Love you Momma K

  5. Yay, Lacey's gonna grow sprouts! I'm amazed as just how good they really are on everything! Give yourself a good three days head start. We've turned into salad and sprout junkies here, too, lol!!