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Living healthy in a processed world: Lacey & Stephanie address how to eat and live well while facing the challenges of living in a society overwhelmingly full of processed foods & products. Lacey is a mostly-raw vegan who overcame chronic, debilitating migraines while Stephanie is gluten & dairy intolerant, trying to keep her body in check from years of food toxicity. Together, they forge a healthy path on eating & living well as well as having successfully rid their bodies of their medical issues.


Strawberries & Tea started as a means for Lacey to document the 30 Day Fatty Challenge she was about to start with her husband.  It was a way to kick their butts into gear after their wedding to loose the weight she had gained teaching in Philadelphia and the post-college-desk-job weight her husband had slowly put on.  What this blog transformed into was a new found love for everything raw, vegan, natural, and healthy (not just food, but a new lifestyle of complete health). Since she was 10, Lacey dealt with chronic & debilitating migraines 3-4 times a week.  After dozens of doctor visits, a slew of medications, and still no diagnosis after thirteen years, enough was enough.  A friend suggested reading "Eat to Live" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman,  & Lacey then realized that the fuel we give our bodies will determine how well the machine works.  From there, she decided to revamp her eating habits from processed to mostly raw/natural in hopes that her body would reflect those changes.  Since she started on February 1, 2011, she is 100% migraine free and lost over 25 pounds (& still going).  She is now passionate about changing how we feel and interact with food and our bodies and the incredible medical, physical, and psychological changes that can have on us.

Stephanie, a close friend of Lacey's from college was then asked to join in on the blog to provide crucial information about gluten & dairy free eating.  After three years of dealing with constant fatigue, stress, chronic migraines, a thyroid surgery, and medications, Stephanie discovered she was gluten and dairy intolerant in September 2010.  Within weeks of revamping her eating habits, her symptoms faded and she recovered quickly. Stephanie shares easy ways to overcome and balance the daily struggles of eating healthy in a busy, processed food world. 

Because here at Strawberries & Tea, healthy living means equally eating healthy and acting healthy, too.

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