Thursday, January 27, 2011

30 Day Fatty Challenge

We're fat. We know it.

We're also super busy with work, dogs, working on a business, class, and relaxation that we come up with every excuse in the book to justify eating lots of food (we already eat fairly healthy foods, we just eat too much) and working out.

Mike & I are going to compete against each other for the next 30 days to see who can make the most progress in weight loss (Healthily, of course. No starving).  He's calculating the results like this:  Initial weight minus goal weight=x.  Then, pounds lost divided by x = percentage lost towards goal weight. (We literally just talked this out for 10 minutes so I could understand. I hate math.  This is why I teach English. Someone verify that we're doing the math right).  Basically, whoever has the higher percentage wins.*

On February 1st our initial & goal weights will be written on a piece of paper, put into a sealed envelope and hung on our fridge. On March 2nd, we will re-weigh and calculate. The winner will be announced that evening.

Now, here's where you come in.  We need your input on what the bet will be. If I win, what will Mike do?  If he wins, what will I do?  And, who do you think will be the FATTY CHALLENGE WINNER? Comment below!!!

*In no way do I say suggest this as a long term lifestyle nor is this a crash diet.  The point of this is a) for fun b) to help get us into a routine.  Right now, we really just need to push ourselves into a healthy lifestyle.  Hopefully this challenge will get us into a positive daily habits that will stick long-term after the 30 days. So, comments about how "this is sooooo unhealthy" will be flagged as sucky.


  1. Mike just said "How about the winner gets to choose the first house we buy." Hmmmm. I kinda like that one. =)

  2. oh gosh no! no choosing a house separately! That's a long - term - forever - kinda - I- can't- believe - I'm living - in - this - place - that - you - picked - kinda - fight.
    Pick another reward. As far as the fat challenge, it sounds like the math is right. It balances out the fact that guys loose weight faster. Personally you'll both be winners for leading a healthy lifestyle. Lacey if you want suggestions pm me. Love you both!!

  3. The loser must take the winner out on a date of winner's choice. Also, everything the loser is wearing on the date is to be picked by the winner (Note: "wearing" is an ambiguous word ranging from clothes & make-up to nipple-clamps & strap-ons).

  4. good luck! sounds like a great idea! if you ever need any tips on how to eat healthy in very simple ways please feel free to let me know!

  5. Excellent way to calculate the weight loss for this competition. Good luck!