Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow, Scully, and Sucky Food

Holy Moly. Maybe I need to be more like Dani and promise to do a post each day for a year, because I'm failing miserably at keeping this updated.

We got 17" of snow last week. I thought we moved south to get away from that stuff.  That's all I have to say about that.

Mike and I recently got back from a mini-vacation down to Alabama for my father's wedding. That's right people, Papa Bear is married! And to a beautiful, kind, and loving woman named Becky.  Her 3 children and parents (who live next door) have been so hospitable to me on my previous visits, and did just the same with Mike as we rang in the new year with this beautiful union.  Of course, our trip wouldn't have been complete without taking home the stray cat that Dad has been looking after for the past couple months. She respectively went by "Momma Kitty" after having 2 litters in the past 2 months but we've dubbed her "Scully" as she's welcomed into her new home. (Yes, Scully, as in Agent Dana Scully from X-Files. Nerd.)

I am officially a carrier of a Norfolk business license and the proud, official owner of The Intellect Café, Educational Services.  I really am so excited to be a teacher again and to be teaming up with some of the universities and districts in the area.  Of course, the technicalities of owning a business are a bit out of the ordinary for me, but my Dad (K) has been giving me some good advice (as he has owned his own business for over 25 years) which has surely calmed my nerves.

Mike has finally been taken out of the god-awful office that he was thrown in during the process of his clearance.  Now that his clearance went through submarines are his new stomping grounds and it should be just a matter of weeks when he's officially a government employee.  Which means a beautiful moving check to make up for all that money given to UHaul & a bit of a pay increase.  Sound like all good things to me!

Momma and I are going to be working on running a 5k together. Honestly, I stopped running once I started shoving my face with holiday meals, but now that we're home and things are back to normal, I'll get into my routine and hopefully not die on my first mile of the race. Hopefully.

Lastly, I tried to make kielbasa & sauerkraut tonight for the first time. AWFUL. Just TERRIBLE. That's what I get for (unknowingly) buying the pre-cooked smoked kielbasa from the grocery store. Aunt Linda, it's now your job to mail me the good stuff so I don't ever have to taste that crap again. Hey, haluski, pierogies, pot roast, chili, and all of my other meals have been a success so far.  I guess I can have one mess up.

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