Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quick Lunch

When you start to eat raw, there are days you definitely get into the mood where you don't want to eat another salad but you don't have the time to make a well thought out, prepared meal.  It's just like any other person who has a different diet. You get suck in a rut. Today was that day for me. And it's not fun.  If you don't find a solution you either a) Do like me and decide not to eat anything at all or B) Choose something terrible like fast food.  For me, choosing A is better than choosing B, but both are terrible for your body.  Here's a quick fix for not feeling like a rabbit & eating another salad again.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my salads, but we all get those days where another PB&J just won't suffice.

What you'll need:
Your normal salad ingredients: lettuce, spinach, carrots, peppers, onion, etc.  Whatever you normally use.
Spinach tortillas
Your favorite hummus (I love Roasted Red Pepper).  Be sure it's all natural!
A drizzle of dressing
Optional- corn

Spread your favorite hummus all over your tortilla.
Pile your salad & ingredients on top.
Drizzle some dressing on top.
Optional- add your corn

TA-DA!!! Really, it's just your normal salad with a little bit of hummus & some corn (I love corn & hummus.  Realistically, you can skip the corn. I just think it tastes perfect in a wrap) except you've tricked your mind into thinking it's something different.  It's a great way to still get the nutrients from all those veggies without the boring salad.  Even though I know it's literally the same thing I eat every day with a tortilla around it, it still seems like a whole new meal.  Add a side of dried apples or bananas and it makes for a nice "sandwich & chips" replacement.

In other news, I did decide to get the new Merrell barefoot shoe.  I struggled between the black & yellow ones.  Mike decided that the yellow ones would be more fun.  The black just looks boring.  And since my husband is kindly purchasing them for me, I'll trust his judgment that yellow is "cooler".

Hopefully my shin splints will go away after wearing these for a while.  I'm excited to try the new barefoot style of running so many people are getting into.  We'll see if the benefits are actually there or if I just got sucked into a sweet looking shoe without much of a difference from other running sneakers.   The ZEROmm ball to heel drop will definitely take some getting used to.  Apparently my calves will be super sore from it, but in a good "I just worked out super hard" kind of way.


  1. let me know how the barefoot running goes... i'm intrigued and trying to get back into running like i used to and i'm thinking about switching running shoes (which is super scary for me since i've been buying the same brand since 2003) because my feet are just starting to feel uncomfortable and i can't for the life of me figure out why! tips? thoughts? suggestions?

  2. Hey Lace'~ Love me some Veggie wraps!! It's the one thing I get a big craving for, veggie wraps. Who da thunk. I made another awesome dinner last night, fingerling medley potatoes, sweet onion, red pepper, roasted garlic cloves, and italian veggie proteing sausage. All sauteed in a pan with a little olive oil and pepper and a dash of salt.

  3. Lindsay: As soon as I get them and try them out at least 5 times, I'll write a review on here for you. I think there's a book that's out which is sort of like the bible for barefoot running that I keep seeing referenced in people's reviews of these shoes. I'm going to look it up and read it. If it's worth reading, I'll suggest that too.

    Mom: I'm not going to believe any of these recipes you talk about until you send them to me so I can POST THEEEMM. Stop hogging all the fun. You selfish vegan. Let us have some yummy food, too.

  4. Love veggie wraps and hummus! Thanks for the reminder. These are so going on the summer dinner list!