Friday, September 2, 2011

[[Giveaway #2]]

---------NOW CLOSED---------
So, in June we did our first giveaway, and Adele was our lucky winner.  Here's what she had to say about her fun gift basket of goodies:
Jam: PERFECT! How jam SHOULD taste - like FRUIT! We gobbled this up on toasted Ezekiel bread and mixed in organic yogurt with almonds mostly. It would also be perfect stirred into oatmeal or mixed in smoothies. As you know, you have to eat it quicker than the store bought counterpart, due to less sugar and no preservatives. That's how it should be, in my opinion. :)

Apple chips: As a recovering chip-a-holic of the snacky/unhealthy variety, these puppies sure did help curb my munchies! I love love love both cinnamon and fruit, and I especially loved how well these stored and how they got crunchier as time went on.

Berry granola bars: HOLY DELICIOUSNESS! These babies are MAGIC! By FAR the best homemade granola bars my husband and I have EVER had! We couldn't stop gobbling them up! One of our favorite things about them was the toasty underlying flavors -- reminded us of toasted sesame seeds and peanuts. It was just the perfect flavor with the tart berries and simple sweet "glue" holding it all together. I could seriously go for one now...
Guess what, we're doing another! So, if this doesn't motivate you enough to want to win this time around, I don't know what will. This time, the giveaway is in celebration of Steph's birthday month! (I told you we love birthday months!)

Here is how you can win the raffle:
1. (Required) Comment below and tell me what your biggest struggle is with eating & living a healthy lifestyle.  We all have those things that hinder us.  What is yours?  Also, if you could add 1 appliance to your kitchen, what would it be? (Worth 1 entry)
2. (Required) Like our  Facebook page (yes, we finally got one!) Here is where you'll get additional recipes, tips & tricks, love and support from each other, lots of dialogue amongst other followers, and updates as to when our blog posts go live! (Worth 3 entries)
3. (Optional) Make one of our recipes, take a picture and upload to our Facebook page (tag us in it).  Let us know what you thought of it and the level of difficulty to make as the caption. (Worth 10 entries)

I'm so excited for this, not just so you guys can win some awesome snick snacks, but so we can all interact more on the Facebook page.  Being able to see your own success stories or awesome recipes is going to be a great motivation for a lot of other people.

The deadline is Wednesday September 14, 11:59 pm.  This gives you 12 days to spread the word and make a fun recipe! I'll post the winner on the 15th.



  1. Okay, after hearing my former roommate rave about these tasty treats, I have to enter!

    My biggest struggle is living alone. I love having my own space, but buying and preparing healthy meals for one can sometimes be expensive and overwhelming. I like variety, so preparing a lot of one dish and then having to eat it three times a week isn't so appealing. Plus, there's no built in person to motivate me to go to the gym, which has always helped me live a healthier lifestyle.

    I'm coveting KitchenAid stand mixers and all of their related attachments. Why does a girl have to get married to get a nice mixer?!

  2. Our school year is about to start which means the need for healthy on-the-go snacks. Why do they call is homeschooling if we're never at home?? Anyway, I seriously need the recipe for those granola bars. By the way, I was eating apple chips when "I" was in elementary school. I was never a fan of potato chips but when your grandmother found apple chips, I was a very happy camper! Love your giveaways!

  3. i can't believe i'm fortunate enough to say this, but i want for nothing regarding kitchen appliances. but i still struggle when eating out. it is so easy to order the fried food that is addictive and tasty and so, so bad for me!

  4. 1) I struggle with portion control. If I eat 1 almond, I want 100 almonds. if I eat 1 peanut m&m, I want 100.... this is OK if I'm eating 1 grape, right? But almonds are calorie dense. So when i buy almonds I open the package and immediately weigh them into 100 calorie servings.
    I'm not in the acquisitions mode of kitchen appliances... WAIT, if I could get a bread machine that only worked 2 times a month, I would... but everyone I know who gets a bread machine gains weight, so...

  5. I struggle with nibbling. I always snatch a bite or two from my kids and "forget" that I ate it. Appliances? Probably a juicer.

  6. I'm like BFFs with your facebook page. Think I was fan #4!

  7. I made your granola bars before you posted this, and they were yummy so they're all gone and I can't take a picture!

    Biggest struggle: Avoiding stupid snack cravings, not eating pasta every meal
    Appliance: Rice cooker, since every time I try to make rice on the stove it's either too mushy or overcooked.

  8. YaY for giveaways & your ladies inspiration!

    I think the hardest struggle to be healthier is the cost. Thankfully I married a guy who also wants to be healthier & we've agreed that spending a little more money on healthier foods is a life-long worthwhile investment. However, living on student loans still & both of us being in school it's some times hard to justify. I really like my pasta for a quick easy meal.

    As for adding an appliance I think it would be a salad spinner. Does that count as an appliance? We just got married 2 months ago so we have appliances we haven't had a chance to use just yet with moving & transitioning into life in the North-woods of MN.

  9. Good morning!

    My biggest struggle is my parents. I really want Trenton to have a healthy lifestyle (Trent's my six-year old son) but Grandma and Grandpa watch him when I'm playing Officer Tia and will also have him when I deploy.

    Growing up, we lived on a lot of frozen food and processed products. Now that I'm almost grown up, Trenton and I buy all of our food products for the week at the market (I do sometimes believe in some frozen vegetables and fish filets). When my parents watch him, however, they clearly do it for free and are taking time away from their busy schedules to take care of him. I find it difficult to tell them what to feed him. He and my dad have imitation crab dates and grandma buys every pastry in the store. While I think treats are just fine in moderation, I'm not sure how to handle this other than packing him food for their house, which they find insulting. End rant (but you asked!)

    My dream kitchen appliance is a good food processor. Maybe I'll splurge on Black Friday this year!

  10. Hi! I found your page on fb, so I'm a fan!

    My curret struggle in the kitchen is finding energy to cook a variety of food b/n working evening shifts, having a toddler, and being pregnant!
    My appliance of choice would be a dehydrator!

    Your chickpea crouton substitute looks awesome!

  11. i'm always a fan ;)

    i think we are pretty healthy here as long as we stick to routine. once i fall out of routine i get lazy about working out and meal planning.

    we are applianced out. j&j auction has been good to us!

  12. My biggest struggle with eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has to be PMS and symptoms that go along with 'that time of month' (lack of energy, irritability, altered sleep patterns, cravings for sweets/starches, headaches and cramps). I generally manage to stick to my healthy eating and exercise goals, but I do surrender to my cravings and can become lazy during PMS.

    If I could add one appliance to my kitchen it would be a food dehydrator to help make my own healthy snacks.