Monday, January 2, 2012

2012, Resolutions, and a Little Help (GIVEAWAY)

**Giveaway ended Jan 9**

With each ringing of the New Year bell, people find this time to reflect on the previous year, smile at the successes, shake your head at the failures, and make use of the opportunity to "start over".  In September, I encouraged all of you to set pre-New Year goals, using the now as an opportunity for a fresh start, and not waiting the 4 months for that midnight kiss.

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But now it is 4 months later, and some of us have succeeded at our goals, some of us have struggled, but either way, changes can be made.  Since so many people (especially Americans) focus their New Year's resolution on weight loss & health, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to finish off the other half of that Sunfood giveaway. Here are some healthy foods/snacks for you to incorporate into your either new habits starting the 1st, or great, healthy, old habits that you'd like to maintain through this year.

The prize: Each winner will receive 1 (28g) bag of each:

Maca PowderGoji BerriesOrganic Whole CashewsOrganic Incan Berries (that's four different yummy foods for you! We want to give you a little help in incorporating healthy foods for the New Year).  There are going to be 4 winners total!

What you need to do:
1. Like Strawberries & Tea Facebook page.
2. Like Sunfood's Facebook page. (They didn't even ask me to do this. I love the articles they post on that page. They'll tell you more about nutritionally packed foods than you ever knew possible. Trust me, you'll want to read their stuff. Plus, they were the totally awesome ones to provide the prizes.)
3. Leave a comment with one of your goals, how you plan to achieve it, and how this goal will make your life healthier & happier.

Bonus Entries:
Post on Facebook, blog, or twitter about this!! We want lots of others to get the opportunity to try some new, healthy foods!

Make sure you leave a comment for each entry!

Hopefully this helps some of you maintain the great habits you started last year or motivate some of you to start some new ones! (*Winner will be chosen next Monday, January 9)

-Lacey & Steph


  1. 1. I liked your FB page a few months back.
    2. I just liked SunFood's page.
    3. My new year's resolution isn't so much about physical health, but spiritual health. I need to pray more and trust in who I'm praying to. I think through centering myself more spiritually I will also be centering myself for a healthier physical and mental me. So I plan to start each day with prayer/meditation while doing yoga or cadio. Overall, I think I will be a happier, more stable, me.

  2. 4. Shared on FB
    5. Tried to share on Twitter, but my computer has a mind of its own.
    6. Happy New Year
    7. Thanks for the inspiration

  3. I like Strawberries & Tea and Sunfood's page on Facebook (Lesha Anderson).

    My goal is to eat healthier this year, especially since I'm expecting my second child. Even though I don't gorge on junk food, I do want to shy away from most food that isn't organic.

  4. Goal for 2012: Bike more, drive less. We own a crazy cargo bike and live less than a mile from a grocery store, library, restaurant and Dunkin' Donuts. I should at least bike to get my munchkins, right?

  5. I like your facebook page! And I love food. Especially when it is free.

  6. My big goal for 2012 is to finish a 70.3. I know this will make me stronger mentally and physically and force me to incorporate that pesky cross training I often fail to do as a runner.