Tuesday, November 9, 2010


First off, my apologies, Momma, for not updating lately. I know how distressed you've been.

I don't have much of a post planned, mostly just updates on what's been going on, because that's what this blog is for, right? Those family members too far away to know what's going on everyday here in Naw-fuk.

First the big news: I stopped  biting my nails. I know. Whoopie, right? But listen, I've had this awful habit since I had teeth. Whenever I tried to stop I lasted about 2 weeks, at the most.  It's been 2 months. Yes, I do deserve a gold star.  Applaud me.

Yesterday, my early Christmas from Mike came in the mail.  The newest Amazon Kindle  (wi-fi & 3g)
Green case!

This is the Kindle turned off. There's always a pretty picture of a well-known author.

So thin & light.
I always had a "thing" against the Kindle, thinking it would take away from the traditional experience of reading books.  But honestly, I'll be able to travel lighter now without having to pack 10 different books and magazines.  My purse will be lighter.  And the best part of all, I will save so much money on books. The 3 books I downloaded yesterday were free and others I've looked at were under $10.  Ahhh, it's a beautiful thing.

Coming January, I'll spend 2 months taking a ceramics course about a mile from my house at an art institute.  While at Messiah I took a hand-building class but now I'd like to learn the wheel.  Hopefully this will help me to make some friends (which unfortunately I haven't had time to do yet) and get to do something I love for a little while.

Oh! Almost forgot. Mike and I bought a truck.  It's ugly but awesome. 1989 Jeep Comanche.  Now we can finally use our canoe.  We had no way to transport it so it sat there in our yard, but we'll be canoeing on Saturday so look out for a post on that adventure.

I'm beginning to run.  Literally, just run.  I need to get in shape.  I need to feel healthy again.  I need to never put my career before my health (which is what I did while teaching).  For now, it's running 6 of 7 days a week. I'd like to run a 5k by February. We'll see. Hopefully I don't disappoint myself.

This is the bridge by our house.  It's half of a mile away.  Then a half mile long.  My first run yesterday was going to that bridge and running to the half-way point (at the top).  The incline really worked my legs and the view is absolutely stunning. Then I ran back. Day 1: a mile and a half.  Not too shabby.

Our first visitors at the house since we've lived here come this weekend.  Mom & Dad Bauer are coming into town and will be here for a couple days.  I'm sort of excited for someone to finally see our place!

Enjoy your D3

(Side note: these photos are from the river that's next to our house.  Yes, this beautiful view is 700 feet from our house.)

She sleeps like a dummy sometimes.

Rest Peacefully Uncle Jimmy. I love you. I'm sorry you suffered in this life. I truly hope you're nothing else but joyous now. 

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  1. Thanks for the update dear. Your goals are so inspiring. I need to run like WOAH! So maybe you will motivate me. I also wanna join some sort of class like ceramics or glass blowing or something fun. Let me know how that works.