Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 17- Ring the Alarm

Just talked with the police officer that came to our house because our alarm was going off while we were gone (happened about 5 minutes before we got home. So by the time he made it out here, we were in the house).  He sounded like the terminator. NO JOKE. Accent & all.  I tried so hard not to laugh every time he asked me a question.

Felt: Average. Normal day. Normal sleep. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Ate: B-Cucumber slices topped with moroccan hummus, an orange, & a banana. L-2 wraps (small corn tortilla, raw ranch, lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, onion, italian seasoning) and a banana.  D- Strawberry/banana/blueberry smoothie, sauteed string beans, green peppers, & onion.
Exercise: 20 minute yoga session before work this morning.

Did any of you try out that dressing? Let me know what you thought!

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  1. I was starting to get concerned about your raw foods diet. Because of how strong plant cell walls are, some veggies need to at least be steamed or you won't get certain nutrients. But it looks like you've gotten that well in hand! Kudos on the mixture of colors, textures, and preparations! Love you!!