Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 1

Weighed in at 6:00 am.  Will be doing this every morning to closely monitor weight fluctuations.  Daily weigh-ins will not continue after The Challenge; will move to weekly after the 30 days is complete.

Felt: Crappy when I woke up. I can definitely feel the symptoms of some virus coming on. It's hard to breathe, which made running sucky and I'm starting to get groggy.  Hopefully I'll kick this in the butt soon.
Ate: Breakfast- pineapple yogurt, banana, green tea, apple  Lunch- Big Salad (consists of lettuce w. tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, sunflower seeds, cranberries, raisins, almonds, peanuts), 3 strawberries. Dinner- Sauteed fresh string beans with salt, pepper, onion, and garlic, Big Salad (same toppings), sliced strawberries and grapes for dessert.  Another cup of green tea to soothe my throat. And yes, I was full.
Exercise: Went for a run at 6:30am and did some basic calisthenics.
Weight Lost (Since Day 1): 0 pounds.


DINNER: Warm beans, salad, and yummy fruit dessert.

I will keep up with this same set-up daily (Felt, Ate, Exercise, Weight Lost) since I get A LOT of questions about what I'm eating and doing and feeling and yadda yadda yadda.  I know, they won't be the most interesting posts but they're informative.

Also, I'm staying very plant oriented right now in my eating to flush out toxins and get my stomach used to eating smaller portions (not strictly though, as I still include organic yogurt). Honestly, Mike and I didn't eat that terribly but we always ate way too much. If after 2 weeks I'm doing well with portion control and getting enough fruits, veggies, and nuts into my meals I will very, very slowly add in eggs, chicken, and ground turkey, but this will only happen when I have maintained control of my habits.  I will say that after dinner I was extremely full to the point where I couldn't even finish my salad (and every time I say Big Salad from now on I always mean well over 2 cups of lettuce with lots of veggies & nut toppings).

Do you have any exercises or raw* meals to suggest for one of the 30 days this month? Comment below and let me know what I should try out!

Peace and Skinny Jeans (hopefully),

*when I say raw, I mean unprocessed, uncooked (less than 115 degrees, anything above and the plant looses many nutrients) organic plant foods including fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts. NOT RAW MEAT.


  1. as for exercises cardio is a great way to start but don't forget to add in some weight lifting as well... if you have more muscle you'll burn more calories when you aren't doing anything at all (ie. sleeping) think 2-3 sets and 15 repetitions per set. keep with a lower weight and higher number of reps because the goal is to slim and tone as opposed to bulking up. also, add a minute or 2 of sprinting into your run/jog. change of pace will torch calories as well!

  2. your meals look awesome Lacey! I agree with Lindsay, high reps low weight and throw in some sprints (that whole interval fat burn thing I was talking about earlier) You have Net Flix right? If weather isn't permitting a work out video is always good also changes up the routine. Great job Lacey <3 Momma K


  3. Actually, with those calisthenics I do I am sure to include lifting. Did some work on my bi's and tri's this morning. And that huge ass bridge I run over on an incline includes 20 second sprints every 60 seconds. So glad that I'm doing some of the right things already. I LOVE your advice. (Also, which Lindsay are you? I have a feeling I know who but I just want to double check. Last initial will suffice.)