Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 27- Day 27 Already?

It's a beautiful day and Mike & I have pretty much the whole morning/afternoon together (until I have work at 3:30).

We woke up around 6, relaxed, and headed out for a 4 mile walk together around 7.  We stopped at home and picked up the pups and went out for another half of a mile. Rita jumped in the river to swim, they both chased birds like the dummies they are.  After all that, I got to relax in our hammock while Mike chased them around the yard.

I ate a banana for breakfast.  Simple, but it gave me a little energy for the hike around town. I just ate a super tasty lunch of Lemon pepper salad (w. cucumbers, green peppers, diced celery, and tomato), chunks of celery topped with Moroccan hummus, and a plate of sliced strawberries and blueberries sprinkled with a teeny bit of sugar.

I still have tons of energy and no migraines yet.  The truck is almost done so hopefully we'll get to go canoeing soon, and with the nicer weather, I'm going to try to plan some state-park hikes. (We didn't get to go last week because Mike got called into work.)  It's hard to plan with our opposite schedules  but I'll try to figure something out.

Look for a guacamole recipe later tonight. <3

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