Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 23: One Week Left

We're coming down to the last 7 days (final weigh in is the morning of March 2nd).  I'm getting nervous because I'm not losing weight as quickly as I was in the beginning so it'll be a big push until the end. Without thinking about the competition though, I'm losing weight really quickly, and more importantly, in a healthy way.

Felt: I've been feeling extra energized lately despite my long work days.
Ate: B-Granola & a banana L: Salad Wrap (lettuce, red pepper, onion, carrot, sprouts, and raw ranch) D: Sauteed veggies.
Exercise: Ran 2 miles this morning!

I really am surprised I lasted this long without cheating once. The big picture of wanting health vs. wanting to just being skinny has kept me motivated. The skinny jeans are just an added bonus.  With how fast I'm losing weight now, I should be at my goal weight within 4-5 months, just in time for the family vacation in mid-August to OBX! Hellooo bikini!

I'm also thinking about starting a video series of Raw cooking.  I need to purchase my food processor & dehydrator first, but I'm going to do a test video tomorrow.  While recipes alone are okay, I often like to watch quick videos on how the product should look after dehydrating, cooking, processing, baking, etc.  I'll be posting them on Youtube & also within the blog post above the recipe. Hopefully this will show some of you how easy & yummy it is to eat raw.

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