Sunday, March 27, 2011

Challenge #2

Well, hello there! I know, I know. I promised a post about 2 days after the first challenge ended but my mom came to visit and....

Forget it, I won't bore you with excuses.  I'm back and be super stoked about that.

And this is what I look like now with 20 pounds gone:

We have another challenge coming up! And it's in perfect time with the start of April coming this week.  We're keeping the weight loss challenge (we'll start over at zero for the month but still let you know what our total weight loss is at the end of April) but we're adding one more category: Fat Percentage!

"Why?", you ask. Because we're so focused on the losing the weight but haven't really worked on toning and weight lifting.  It's been a lot of cardio (which helps shed the pounds) but I want to start building a little bit of muscle.  I hate lifting weights, but like the title says, this is a CHALLENGE.

We'll start this Friday and my personal goal is to do at least 20 minutes of high rep, low weight lifting along with some more intense calisthenics at least every 2 days.  Also! 1 new recipe a week.  I've been lazy about that lately but I've added another page to this blog that will include all of the recipes I've put on here and any new ones that I'll add each week. (Look above).  Plus, there's a resources page next to it.  Check them out!

The winner will be determined as most weight lost AND highest percentage of fat lost (we have a scale that tells us).  Both categories must be won by one person.  In the case that Mike wins one category and I win the other, well, I'm not sure yet.  We'll talk about that later.

And for those of you wondering, no, Mike and I have not had our Healthy Day Date yet.  I warned you, it might be a while. Our schedules are so opposite that we barely have time to eat meals together.  I've worked the past 4 days straight and have 10 more to go.  The moment we have a mutual day off of work and the weather is cooperative (we've had a lot of rain lately), I promise we'll go out and have the best date ever.  And I'll tell you aallllll about it. Until then, hold your breeches.

Here's your job: Place your vote for the winner below AND the bet!  Remember to include how much weight & fat you think each person will lose.

PS: I got this last week.  My new transportation to work as soon as this rain stops.

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