Friday, April 1, 2011

Challenge 2, Day 1 (2.1)

As I stepped onto the scale this morning I was a little disappointed that I had gained 3 pounds since I had last checked over a week ago.  Quite frankly, I deserve it for how non-active I've been. But this is why we're doing another challenge: to get back into a more strict routine with working out and planning meals.  I haven't strayed from eating Raw but I've just lost time to work out and skipping meals has been easier than to plan them when you work 5 days in a row of double shifts.

Here's the great news. Next Saturday is my last day at my one job (I work 2 & own my business). I'm overwhelmed, I can't focus on the things important to me at home like planning yummy dinners, working out, working on my hobbies, starting up my business (which hasn't been done in 2 months), and most importantly, spending time with Mike. We literally almost never see each other.  And I also lose sleep due to all the hours and lack of days off I have.  You'd be amazed, working a 13 hour day tires you, but when you're home, you're brain won't stop running which makes sleeping much more difficult. My theory is, if I'm not sleeping well, all the working out and healthy meals I'm eating doesn't matter. So, one job down, and now I'm left with one part time job that I LOVE and time left to build my business into what I want it to be. I can't wait.

Weighed in this morning & wrote down fat percentage.  Ate a banana for breakfast, a salad wrap & orange for lunch, and some vegetable sushi for dinner. I didn't drink as much water as I would have like due to leaving my Nalgene at home.  No workout as I had this evening off, and it's the first time Mike & I got to spend more than 20 minutes together in over a week. Will be going for a run tomorrow morning and doing some other exercises in the afternoon.

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