Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stephanie's Daily Eating Habits

I am gluten free and dairy free - so I stay away from most processed foods (full of gluten and chemicals), as well as any cow dairy. So many people have asked me - "What the heck can you eat then!?"

I asked myself that same question 8 months ago... and have been figuring out the answers ever since! See below for my daily habits that I have figured out for myself. Let me know if you have any questions (or suggestions!) about my daily food intake. I am grateful for a steady work schedule and access to a fridge/kitchen all day. Regardless of your schedule, it's critical to plan ahead!

Note: Everybody is different with the amount of sleep they need, to the amounts of food they need and when they need to eat it. It's important to listen to your body and feed it when it is hungry. You may need to reset your eating habits and the portions you are eating. I challenge you to take a week, and track what you eat and how you feel before and after. It's a pain to do, but it will reveal a lot about you how shape your daily eating habits.

(Work Week: Monday > Friday, 8AM - 5PM)

6:00AM - BANANA (Or some kind of fruit, on my way to work out) + BOTTLE OF WATER W/ LEMON
I will not work out after work, I just won't. I tried for years and finally gave in that the only way I will consistently exercise is in the mornings. I have learned to love my morning work outs, it is a great kick start for the day! I usually just do 20-30 minutes of cardio. I also walk a mile to and from work every day. I need to add in some weight training. I also drink a second cup of water when I am back from the gym and getting ready for work.
50 - 100 Calories 

8:30AM - BREAKFAST PROTEIN SHAKE (Sometimes: Gluten Free Cereal (Kix is my fav) + Dairy Free Milk - if I am extra hungry that day)
My doctor prescribed me a protein shake that I drink every morning. It's around 500 calories total, with the shake and the milk I drink it with. I switch it up and drink soy milk, almond milk, rice milk and hemp milk throughout the week (I only drink the unsweetened milks - you don't need the extra sugar!). The protein shake has a bunch of vitamins in it, as well as glutamine and probiotics, which protect my sensitive intestines
500 - 700 Calories 

DRINK -  I drink iced green tea and iced water all day at my desk, and at home. Yogi Green Tea is my favorite, and I also drink as assortment of non caffeinated teas too. (I need to watch my caffeine intake through tea, haven't tracked it yet). Remember to avoid drinking all of your calories!
0 Calories > The beauty of drinking water :)

10:30AM - SNICK SNACK (Ex: Fruit, Tomato & Turkey Slices, Mashed Potatoes, Cereal)
If I am hungry for a snack, which most of the time I am, I'll eat a small portion, around 250 calories to hold me over until lunch. I have a desk job, so I try not to snack out of boredom, so I usually drink water or tea before I eat. I've also learned that you can snack on ANYTHING you want, AT ANY TIME. Eating mashed potatoes as a snack at 10:30AM is a lot healthier than junk food.
200 - 300 Calories 

12:30PM - LUNCH (Ex: Crock Pot, Tomato & Turkey Slices, Mashed Potatoes & Chicken, Leftovers from Dinner, Cereal)
 I like to feel full from my lunch, so a hot lunch is my preference. I can't do sandwiches, so sometimes I opt for slices of tomato and turkey. I prefer Applegate, which is gluten free, dairy free, and free of nitrates and antibiotics. If I'm in a jam and didn't bring lunch, I'll go buy tomatoes and turkey slices at a deli. Otherwise - leftovers or crock pot is my favorite go to. And when you are cooking healthy dinners every night, bringing in leftovers is a super easy lunch - and an easy way to integrate vegetables every day. Cereal is also an awesome substitute if you're in a rush. I always keep cereal ready for quick snacks and meals.
400 - 600 Calories

3:30PM - SNICK SNACK (Fruit most of the time - an assortment of my favorites: strawberries, grapes, blueberries, apples, etc)
I love fruit in the afternoon. I look forward to it. Sometimes I'll freeze the grapes (they taste like popsicles!), or usually I'll just chop up all the fruit and drizzle some honey and cinnamon over it. I usually eat my snack between 3-4PM, so it holds me over while I'm making dinner at home after 5PM. If I am hungry while making dinner, I get tempted to order food or cheat.
100 - 200 Calories

7PM - DINNER (Large variety of dinners - lots of recipes to come!)
Lucky for me, my boyfriend D is an awesome cook and has been able to adjust a lot of my favorite recipes to be gluten and dairy free. I'm not as confident in my cooking skills, so D has been helping me learn the basics, so I can put my own recipes together! Usually dinner consists of some kind of meat/protein and a side.
400 - 500 Calories 

9-10PM SNICK SNACK (Fruit - my favorites: strawberries, grapes, blueberries, apples, etc)
I'm usually pretty full from dinner, but if I want a snack, I usually keep it to eating a small amount of fruit. Frozen grapes are super sweet and a favorite late night snack. D likes to fill raspberries with honey, another perfect sweet treat!
100 - 200 Calories

DAILY TOTAL CALORIES: 1,750 - 2,500 per day
My daily food requirements for my height and weight from the pyramid website daily food plan calculator, is around 2,220 calories a day to maintain my weight. I eat different every day, but my daily plan is in the perfect range to maintain my weight and health!

We have learned how important the food pyramid is to follow, and you can even track your daily foods at the government's pyramid interactive website! There are also a bunch of mobile apps you can download to track yourself on the go!

I'll be writing about Snick Snack Substitutes (for both gluten and dairy intolerant, as well as healthy whole grain and dairy snacks) coming up this week. Feel free to share any ideas and suggestions. I'm sure Lacey will be able to provide a wealth of information on raw snick snack ideas.

- Stephanie


  1. This sounds like work....

  2. Eating healthy should be #1 priority!
    Not TV, internet, phone etc.
    Most of us are up 18 hours a day, that is plenty of time to cook and prepare healthy, non processed foods.
    That is why we have this awful processed food epidemic. We need to EAT TO LIVE not live to eat!

  3. And after a few weeks of eating like this and planning and preparing, it becomes second nature. I now look forward to cooking and try new recipes. And processed food / fast food doesn't appeal to me. The energy you feel when eating well is the best feeling!

  4. What's more work is taking medications, going to doctor's appointments, and dealing with illnesses caused by terrible food. (Also, Mark, I know you're just a lazy bum in general, so I understand that anything that actually requires getting out of bed is work for you. hahaha. <3)