Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Drinking Yourself Unhealthy

Imagine sticking your favorite candy bar in a blender and then drinking the contents. Now picture doing that three to four times a day. Most candy bars actually have only slightly more calories than do your favorite can of soda, and they usually have fewer calories than do your drinks from your preferred retailer. A large Starbucks for instance, can contain about 100-200 calories more than a single candy bar.

If you decide to do one thing to change your health forever - stop drinking calories. Are you aware how many calories you drink every day, and what are in those calories?

Regardless of your health goals, drinking calories throughout your day can be very bad for your health. Whether you are making a lifestyle change or trying to stay on the healthy track, drinking your calories is the fastest way to swerve off the road.


Drinking calories means the milk and sugar in your coffee, fruit juice, soda, beer, wine, liquor, Starbucks, etc. Two or three drinks of anything can add up to over 300 - 500+ calories per day! This means adding at least 500 calories (1 pound) of extra sugars, carbohydrates, calories and chemicals in your daily diet. So if you are looking to stop your stomach bloating, lose weight, cleanse your body, etc - cut out the calorie drinks!

Our trusty food pyramid shows us that there is simply not enough room in your daily diet to consume so much sugar and fat through drinks. There's no need to get nutrition from beverages if we eat a balanced diet. That means all we really need to drink is water. A new study shows that drinking is the downfall for many people aiming to lose weight by following a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Take today to TAKE CONTROL! If you don't have time to track what you eat, try to track what you drink. You will be amazed by the amount of calories you are drinking. I guarantee that if you cut out all calorie drinks, you will lose at least 10 pounds within a month, and your body will thank you for it. Water too boring? I drink an assortment of green tea all day, both hot and iced. I also drink a tall glass of milk (soy/almond/rice) every morning to kick off my day. It can be difficult to give up your daily drinks, especially if they are a habit, but you can and will learn to love and appreciate the refreshing taste of good old water! > Let us know if you have any suggestions that have helped you to make the switch to iced water!

- Stephanie

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