Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Recovery & My Boring Goals

So, without going into too much detail, my gallbladder was ripped out by some guy called a surgeon. And I've been in bed for the last 5 days. And I feel crappy. I can't run (probably won't for a couple more weeks) and I've been living on crackers, water, and fresh fruit. I lost 8 pounds. (Yay?) I'm miserable. Can't you tell?

With all of that said...

I read your goals for this year while resting and I'm so inspired by you all! I wish you the best of luck and truly hope that you all find success in those goals.  From a healthy spiritual life, to a healthy physical life, and the desire to eat well, it sounds like everyone's minds are in the right place.  I'll be sending the Sunfood prizes to Juls, Hil'Lesha, Earth Momma Mer, and Racing with Babes. Just email me with your addresses and I'll get those out as soon as I (or husband) can drive to the Post Office.

With the insanity prior to surgery (mostly nerves), I didn't have much time to reflect on 2011 and refocus for 2012.  I just wanted to live through surgery (for real, I was that dramatic).  Nor did I even remotely speak to what my goals would be for this year on the last post, but bed rest gives you that time.  This what I've come up with:

1. Become a Certified Raw Chef: I don't eat 100% raw, nor do I plan on becoming 100%, but I'd like to expand my knowledge on how to prepare meals as close to the Earth as possible. I've run out of ideas, I'm making the same meals over and over again (which is fine for now, because I'm not sick of them yet, but I know there's more out there to be learned), and the class that I will be taking teaches me not only how to prepare those meals but also about different ingredients I've never heard of or used.  I'll also be certified to teach others to begin thinking about preparing these healthy raw meals and how to start. There are so many good foods that come from this good Earth and I haven't even skimmed the surface. Hopefully getting this certification will open me up to a whole realm of possibilities for preparing food.

2. Start our Garden: We're starting the plans for this now, but husband and I have a pretty decent sized yard (about 1/4 acre) and we're looking to use about a 25'x25' space to start gardening. The bigger the better (I love canning and anything extra can be donated to neighbors), so I'm in the process of doing research for that right now. This also ties in with Goal 1 as I'll be able to grow some fun vegetables that my grocery store/farmer's market may not sell and I'll have the knowledge on how to prepare them properly for meals!

3. Make 1 New Friend (in the area): Ha, easy, right? Hahahahaha. Since we moved to this area of Virginia 1 year and 5 months ago, we (husband and I) have made exactly ONE new friend. And that was by luck due to friends from PA coming to visit and already knowing this person. So I feel like I cheated the system. I didn't actually have to try to meet this person...he was a friend of a friend. How, in the world, do I live somewhere for 17 months and not make one friend?! It's really quite sad, and honestly, it makes me a bit depressed at times when all of the people I love most are scattered around the country.  I was always the person that made friends easily, and to this day am still quite outgoing.  But the initial interaction is what makes me nervous. No one tells you once you become grown just how difficult it is to actually instigate friendships. But this year, I'm going to make it happen. Not to mention, we don't have kids yet, so there's really no excuse.

4. Do Things: Vague, I know, but this ties in to #3. I think part of why Mike and I haven't made friends yet is because we don't get out enough. Starting August 2010, we feel like we've been doing nothing but going, going, going. Between moving. Starting new jobs. Getting married. House hunting. Now we've moved into our first home and are spending time trying to get it together.  We feel guilty at the very thought of wanting to "get out of the house" when we have a list "To Do's" to check off. Mike and I spoke yesterday about how time is going to keep flying and once kids come, it won't get any easier. So, I'm taking a stand now that we need to start doing the things we love. Using our canoe. Hiking. Gardening (and with that, hopefully I'll get hooked up with a local coop and meet people that way). Running more races. Mike just got involved with the local Jeep community.  We're off to a good start and I have high hopes that by staying involved with the things we love to do, we'll also be a happier couple. We won't have this longing desire to get out of the house and feel pinned down by "house stuff" (which is important, but will get done.) We don't need to spend every waking moment at home. I'm committed to doing something a week or every other week.

5. Get out of Debt: I'll keep this short, because finances are boring. We're not in that much debt. Seriously. Compared to most Americans, people would beg for the debt we've accrued. Most of it came about after moving.  Buying a house is expensive. But, for Christmas I asked for a Dave Ramsey packet. I've heard nothing but great things about the man, and for $49, it seemed worth it. A lot of people had success and I'm looking forward to picking the man's brain through his books. We've only been married a year, but it's a great way to set the building blocks for a marriage that has responsible finances.  I'm not looking to get rich. I'm looking to have my bills paid with some change on the side to the things we love (see #4) and to have ZERO credit cards (right now, we only have 2 and the one has no balance on it). That's all.

With that said...my goals are nothing new compared to most people. We all just want to be happy, healthy, financially secure, and surrounded by people who build us up and love us for who we are. I'm not asking for much, but I know I have some work to do.

(And if you read all of that, I'm sorry. This list really was written for me, mostly, as I haven't put our goals into written form yet. But, hopefully you've been inspired in some way, and if not...just give me a good old fashion "Good Luck". I'll need it.)


  1. I think those are great goals. #5 is always on our list. We are getting there slowly. Losing debt is like losing weight. It takes forever.

    Feel better!

  2. Surgery has made you thoughtful my friend ;) These are great! Such a broad range for a year - I am so excited to see all that you will accomplish. I love making a new friend goal - you never realize how hard it is to make friends when you're not surrounded by people your age (IE college). Well my goal is to come visit your house at some point this year! And cannot wait to play with you and Nurse Skike over the wedding weekend!!
    Love, SH