Wednesday, September 15, 2010


1.  We did our table arrangements and seating assignments in less than an hour and a half tonight, for 118 people.  *Pat on back* Mike is an awesome engineer, so he has a sweet program where we could design the layout of the reception to scale.  I knew he was good for something.
2.  Since we have no friends yet that live nearby, and I wasn't sure if my gown needed to be hemmed, Mike closed his eyes, I put on the dress, and he managed to zip it up for me blindfolded.  Talk about skill.  Verdit, it needs about a 1" trim if I want to wear flats (which I do).  Ugh, more money to spend.  I wish I knew how to do it myself.  I would try if it wasn't my WEDDING DRESS.
3. We have to pick out songs for the DJ.  Why?  I don't know.  I thought I was paying him to do this for me.  Guess not.  We need: a. A wedding processional song.  Preferably something that could be played by a male friend on guitar. And not the traditional bride song.  I cringe just thinking about it  b. First dance    c. Mother/Son Dance    d. Father/daughter Dance.   Comment below with suggestions. Please.  Seriously.  PLEASE.  If we manage to use your suggestion maybe I'll send you a token of my appreciation.
4.  And finally, we have to design our ceremony.  We have a general layout, but any ideas would be helpful.  Again, leave a comment to brighten my day.

Mike is falling asleep.  The dogs are already snuggling.  Two more days until beach time.  Virginia Beach is 15 minutes away.  It's absolutely perfect.  Come visit us.  I like visitors and familiar faces.

Life is good.

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