Friday, May 6, 2011

A New Addition!

This blog has been a great motivator for me through this process of eating healthy, losing weight, and experimenting with different foods.  You all have been a huge support and have been a wonderful community to interact with.  I try to conduct research on living a healthy life so that I can give you the most important information out there, but I am only one person.  I only have so many experiences, recipes, and resources.

So, to fix that, I'm adding another writer to this blog!  Stephanie was and still is a great friend of mine from college who moved to New York to be a successful business woman with a passion for travel, good food, and everything gluten-free.  I found that we share a lot of the same ideas and beliefs about healthy eating after both of us changed our diets for medical reasons.  She will be posting soon and hopefully will tell you a little bit more about who she is and what she went through to lead her to this g-free/processed-free lifestyle. (Look to the left for a quick blurb about her.)

Bringing her to this blog will give you different perspectives, ideas, foods, and more than anything, more information!  Here is a warning for you: she does not eat exactly like I do.  She may be stricter in certain areas and less strict in others.  This blog was never intended to be only for the raw/vegan lifestyle.  It's about healthy living, and that means different things for different people.  She is a wealth of knowledge and is going to be a fabulous addition to this site.

This is an opportunity to read different viewpoints and get numerous ideas to implement into your own life.  We each have something different to offer.

Here's the most recent photo of Stephanie and I, at my wedding.  Steph is on the left, myself (25 pounds heavier) in the middle, and our good friend Victoria on the right.

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