Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's In Lacey's 'Fridge?

Mike and I eat fairly similarly, but there are definitely some foods that he includes in his diet that I don't touch: bread, eggs, and his fiber one bars.  Other than that, everything in the house is about 90% in line with our raw way of eating.

How do I prep for going to the store? Well, there are some staple items that I regularly buy, just like some of you always get milk, bread, & meat.  I always buy lettuce, mixed baby greens, peppers, carrots, hummus, celery, fruit, all natural soups, and soy yogurt.  Beyond that, I usually pre-choose about 4 meals that I'm going to cook that week.  That gives the other three days for either eating leftovers or just for eating soup & salad.

This week, my meals are: vegan chili, vegan meatloaf (which I have never tried, so I'm really looking forward to this), the vegan flatbread pizza I made last night, and Quinoa & black beans.  I then add in the ingredients I'll need for these recipes to my list.  So, I needed to buy quinoa, vegan cheese, flatbread, lots of beans (kidney, black, etc), tomatoes, "meat" crumbles (for the meatloaf), corn, cilantro and some few other items.

And here is what our 'fridge & cabinets looks like.  You should always have more veggies & fruit than anything else:
Shelf 1: Water, Mike's pickles, watermelon & soy yogurt is hiding. Ignore the rum in the back. Haha

Shelf 2: Drawer with vegan cheeses & flatbread, Mike's bread & eggs, and carrots.

Shelf 3: Mixed baby greens, celery, cilantro, 2 heads of lettuce, Moroccan hummus,
Red pepper hummus, & strawberries. 

Bottom drawers: oranges, plums, red/green/yellow peppers, tomatoes, onions.

1 of the soups.

Quinoa, spicy tomato sauce for chili, ACV, garlic.

Almonds, 1 of the bags of granola, golden flax seed, oatmeal

Raisins, natural peanut butter, mixed nuts

"Meat" crumbles for meatloaf.
I also forgot to take a picture of the shelf with all of our beans.

Obviously, every shopping trip differs based on what meals I'm making, just like anyone else, but you can get an idea of what a mostly raw kitchen looks like.


  1. Hey Lacey! Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog. Over the past year I've made a shift toward being a cleaner and more intentional eater, and it is a beautiful way of life! Your blog will be a great resource as I continue this journey! :)
    -laura (from bittner 3rd! talk about a throw-back!)

  2. Also...your fridge is sexy! Hummus, veggies & fruit are my life source!

  3. Laura P?!!?! Oooh my GOOOSH!! How the heck have you been!? Every time I think of you I just think of our random car rides and the grocery store parking lots. =) So glad to hear you're eating clean! It's such a life changer. Keep me updated on how your doing, and if you have any recipes to add to our list. This is definitely a community of contributors when it comes to our recipes. Hope all is well!

  4. Those are fond memories! I am very well, and I hope the same is true for you. Congratulations on your wedding, motorcycle and blog! I'd love to contribute some veg recipes. I will have to be in touch!