Sunday, June 5, 2011

Birthday Gift, Please!

To my dearest readers:

My birthday is June 12 (next Sunday...eeekk!!), and my goal is to raise $800 for an incredible organization that I have been apart of for the past 7 years, and who has been around since 1979...Spoke Folk! Please help me raise $800 as a birthday gift to support my tour in Illinois this July and to help sustain such a supporting, loving, AWESOME group.

What is Spoke Folk? SF is a 12 day bicycling tour in which up to 30 participants (ages 15-20) and up to 10 counselors (ages 21+) travel around a state from church to church.  Each church provides us dinner, the church to sleep in that night, and an opportunity to put on an awesome musical performance (live band and all!) to their congregation and anyone in the community that would like to come.  It's an awesome time of fellowship, ministry, and community between the SFers and the church.  This is 12 days of intense friendship, love, community, hard biking, and absolute fun.  Participants and counselors come from all across the country to be apart of this intentional community for these 12 days.  This uplifting experience allows each person to walk away with a new family.  To this day, I know I could go to almost any state and there would be at least one Spoke Folker who could offer up their home as a place to sleep if I wanted.  How awesome is that!? This experience is not only physically healthy (we bike soooo much), which is what this blog strives for, but it's also spiritually healthy. 

The cost for one person to tour is around $400, but I love this ministry so much that I want to double that amount to help it grow, and possibly help cover the cost for someone to tour who may not be able to afford to do so.

Click here to donate online.  All donations are submitted directly to Spoke Folk (& are tax deductible).

37 days until Illinois 2011!! Got to get my biking butt into's training time!!

Here's to training hard and raising money!


  1. YaY Spoke Folk! I miss biking with you friend!

  2. Happy early Birthday! I donated a little. Have fun & miss you!

  3. Oh my gosh, Jenna! Thank you so much! MIss you tons<3

  4. thank for your updating birthday gift idea.