Thursday, June 23, 2011

Refreshing Mint Tea

My days consist of drinking water. Lots of it. I don't drink anything else (unless it's the occasional glass of wine with dinner).  No juice, no soda, no sugar-loaded teas, no coffee. But, when summer comes, I sometimes feel the urge to have something with a little more flavor. I love my water, but it's good to have variety.

This is my homemade, super flavorful, extremely light mint tea.


  • About 4-6 stalks of fresh mint.  If you buy from the store, I'd get about a cup or more worth. (Use less if you're making a smaller batch. I make this in a huge lemondade/tea jug that lasts for a couple weeks)
  • Stevia or Agave nectar to taste- usually around 1/4 cup (or white sugar, if you're into that, but avoid if possible)
  • Hot water

Gorgeous mint!

1. Make hot water
2. Put mint leaves (left on stalks) in your big tea/lemonade jar
3. Pour hot water over the leaves. If it's extremely hot, don't be afraid to add a little bit of cool water.
Adding hot water! 

4. Allow leaves to seep for about 10 minutes
5. Pull out stalks & any leaves that have fallen off.  Use a spoon with holes in it to get them out. If you leave any leaves behind, I think it can turn the tea a bit yucky from the wilted leaves.
6. Add Stevia or agave nectar a little bit at a time, constantly testing for taste. You'll be surprised as to how little you actually need.

VIOLA! A lovely, extremely light, refreshing summer mint tea!

{{ Want to grown your own mint? Go for it! Mint is one of the easiest herbs to grow, but that is where your problem can start. The invasiveness of mint is something to be cautious of.  Grow mint in it's own planter, bed, or big pot. It will, quite literally, choke out anything nearby.  Shade is ideal (so that shady area in your yard that nothing else can survive in?... plant mint!), and water constantly. Use in salads, mojitos, tea, and drink as a remedy for a sick tummy.}}

Here's to nights on the patio with a yummy summer drink.

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