Thursday, August 18, 2011

Edits & Honeymoon

Mike & I are finally taking our honeymoon.  With my family.  And we love it.
We left Saturday, we'll be back Saturday.

I'm trying to fix the photo issues we're having on some of our posts. For now, a lot of the photos will just be deleted because the original file is missing.  So, if some posts are lacking pretty pictures, please be patient.  This will be resolved when I get back from the Outer Banks.

I want to know what recipes you've been using.  Fill us all in! Share the wealth!!

Regular posting will resume when I get back.  Things have been hectic between house hunting, Spoke Folk, and honeymooning/family vacationing that I know we've lacked a regular schedule. Please forgive.  When I'm back, some sense of normalcy will return.  Hey, I said some.


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