Monday, January 21, 2013

SH & LB are BACK!

Hey all - we are back and more motivated than ever!!! Refreshed after a ladies weekend to Hollywood Beach, Florida, we are set to get back on track. We will be blogging about getting out of food ruts, how to get back on track, exercise boredom, excuses and how to mentally (and physically) get your ass into shape, and will start posting plenty of new recipes!

Our last guilt-free weekend: Ben & Jerry's!

- SH here - and I have a confession to make. I haven't ran since my wedding. And NYC takeout is awesome. I haven't gained much weight, but I can tell I am way less toned and in general feel moodier when I'm not eating healthier homemade food and exercising. I want to get set in a healthy routine now (when I don't have kids or anything else crazy like that in my way) so when more crazy things happen, I can still feel great and look great. My husband and I both work like crazy (I love my job and am very career focused) so it's easy to get lazy after work because we already feel so accomplished from working that day. But we've recently gotten into a better running and cooking routine and I can't wait to share with you!

- Lacey, here! The last few months have been rough. I was on a medication for 4 months for my PTSD and anxiety. As a side effect, I gained 5 pounds each month, for 4 months (you do the math, because I'd rather not say).  It became the reason I stopped blogging. I got down on myself and felt, if I was gaining weight so easily, who was I to sit on this blog to others about how to be healthy.  While I was still mostly staying on track, those pills prevented me from being at the weight I wanted.  Well, as of a few weeks ago, I'm officially off the medication and have stopped gaining weight! So, now is the time for me to kick things into high gear to lose the weight I gained. I might write more about being on the medication/weight gain in another post, but part of me is thinking, "Lacey...just move on! What's done is done." I had an incredible time in Florida with Steph, and we discussed coming back better than ever. I'm getting used to a new work schedule and am excited to update our Recipe section with some new, fun meals.  Guys & Gals, it's really, really good to be back!!

To fresh beginnings

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  1. Glad to see you blogging again, you both inspire me to be healthier in many ways. Here's to a new year & a fresh start!