Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An Inappropriate Amount of New Recipes to Try

Hey friends, SH here. As I mentioned, I was stuck in a recipe rut. So I have been and will be posting all the new recipes I am trying every week and giving my reviews of them. Except that I went overboard this week (thanks, Pinterest) and found like 30 new recipes I am dying to try. Obvi these will take me weeks to go through, so I can't help but overshare right now.


These are links to the top recipes I can't wait to try:

*Maybe if you cook healthy all week, you can try my Mardi Gras tie dye cupcakes to celebrate :)

OK, so now that I did all the recipe research for you - which ones will you try?! Not all are gluten free or dairy free, but you can adjust each one to your own liking. Does it terrify you to try new recipes? Or do you look forward to it all day? Have you ever worked hard on a meal that just ended up sucking? Where do you do your recipe research? Pinterest addict like me? What are your favorite places to read food reviews and check out new things to try?


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