Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Fruit Man & Welcome Spring

S here, with some crazy Spring theories. I like to pretend that March 1st means Spring. I am ready to whip out the sundresses and sandals, no matter what. Of course, this past week's March snowstorm showed me who's boss. But then Saturday and Sunday were beautiful! My first signs of spring in New York City are 1. Sidewalk seating is open and 2. Fruit man is back on the corner.

Well - The Fruit Man is back on the corner! He only goes away the very coldest months of the year, so it was good to see him back. Grocery store fruit is so expensive, so we rely on fruit stands to get decent priced produce.

Fruit Man is back with a small set up - in a month he has a larger selection!

90th St Block Fruit Man
Nicer weather approaching also means getting out of the apartment more, just to get out because it's nice, so we just burn more calories daily by default. Instead of taking the subway, we'll choose to walk a few miles, or walk through the park an extra mile to get to the grocery store.

Central Park - right outside of our apartment
Walked over to Riverside Park
St Thomas for 4 days with my husband - then back to a snowy city
Quick weekend trip to wash away winter blues
Hurry up Spring!!

Riverside Park shows signs of Spring :)

Fruit Man - smoothie purchases sneak peak:


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