Friday, April 19, 2013

Salad Obsession

Lacey, here!

One of the EASIEST ways to loose weight and get the most nutrients loaded into your meals is this simple phrase, which Dr. Fuhrman preaches in his book "Eat to Live"...


Honestly, start lunch & dinner with a salad (some mornings I'll even eat one for breakfast if i can feel the craving for those greens).  And I mean a big salad. Load it up, make some great homemade dressing, and change it up every day. You'll come across some incredibly tasty variations that keep salad from getting boring. Then, once you make your "meal", you will consume far fewer calories than you would without the salad.

Here's one of Dr. Fuhrman's salads:

Not only will you fill up prior to eating something that may not be the best for you, but studies show that eating raw foods (like the kale, spinach, garlic, carrots, etc you put in your salad) aid in protecting our bodies from terrible things like cancer.

I love this page, which lists dozens of salads to choose from, just in case I run out of ideas.  What are you favorite homemade dressings?

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