Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Making The Most Out of Spring

SH here, basking in this Spring weather :) I tend to feel super cooped up after a long NYC Winter - so my husband and I make it a point to get outside as much as humanly possible once the weather breaks. 

We live right outside of Central Park so we have no city excuses not to explore every week! We've also been taking long walks around our neighborhood. The Upper West Side is beautiful and I love walking around NYC streets.

We have a Tulip Garden on our block and got to enjoy all the blooms this past week. Made my day :)

Walking is also great exercise. It may not get my heart rate up like running does - but it sure beats sitting on the couch hiding from snow. What about Spring makes you get out of your apartment? Do you take of running? Or enjoy long walks around your hood?


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