Sunday, September 19, 2010

Almost There

The past three days have been hellish.  By 5pm Thursday I had a fever of 101.  Friday morning I felt better, but still pretty yucky.  Yesterday, I took about 10 steps back; MIGRAINE. Throughout all of that, Michael has bought be flowers,  cooked dinner, cleaned what I normally would have and has been okay with coming near me, despite the fact that I was probably carrying Black Death.

After filling myself with a plethora of vitamins and anti-flu/cold medications, I'm feeling about 75% better.  I'm almost there.  We rescheduled yesterday's beach date to today and had a blast.  Rita and Zoe turned the sand into their own playground.

Enjoy the photo documentation:

Your D^3 (Daily Dose of Doggy)

Postscript: Mike & I got Netflix last night since we don't have cable.  I am far too excited for all the movies, shows, and documentaries that will now being coming to our house.  Comment below with suggestions for what we should rent!


  1. i heart netflix! do you guys have a wii or playstation? you can stream netflix and it is total awesomeness.

  2. Janice- we sure do and they're mailing us the disc to stream. I'm just nervous because we don't have the fastest internet in the world so it might not be as advantageous for us to stream as opposed to just getting the DVDs in the mail.