Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Hundred and Eighty Nine

The hours left until I walk down the aisle.

I prided myself on my organization and serenity throughout the wedding planning process.  My motto rang loud, "Only you create the stress."  I never understood the brides-to-be that went haywire & continually asked every second cousin, long lost great great uncle, and coworker of your Aunt's best friend what should be done for the wedding.  I decided that the more opinions I received on wedding planning, the more stress it created to please others.  So, if I didn't ask for feedback in the first place, I didn't hear too many opinions.  This helped clear my mind to decided what we  wanted for the wedding.  Most of the decisions were made solely by myself or Mike.  I rarely asked for people to chime in unless I was truly conflicted about something crucial to the party planning process (how many chaffing dishes? What size tent is necessary to hold everyone?  Is it okay to do pizza, beer and s'mores for the rehearsal?...and if you're wondering, it absolutely is.).  The first dress I tried on was purchased.  The first caterer that called me back and that was in our price range was the one I hired.  I knew what Mike and I wanted and I went for it, knowing that this day was about doing what we would enjoy and not conforming to the norms.

My name is Lacey Ward and I have been wedding-stress-free for 4 1/2 months...

Until I looked at my calendar and noticed that I have 389 hours to have everything finished.  And that number is a bit generous as it includes all hours up until 1pm on October 9, the time I need to be standing at the back of that aisle.  It's the little details that need to be completed now, which is much more annoying (that's really the only word I can use to describe the feeling.  It's just flat out annoying) than anything else that had to be planned; little decorations that most people probably won't notice, writing out table seating, finding pictures to put out. Oh, and finding myself a pair of shoes to wear.  Yes, I still don't have my shoes. I know most brides buy those months before. Don't judge me when I'll probably just be wearing my everyday shoes because I can't make a decision.  You, most likely, won't see them anyway.

And if you do, just forget that you did.


Every evening we go for a walk by the river, which sits around the corner from our house.

Rita managed to hurt herself by slicing open her paw.  Poor puppy.

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