Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3

Felt: A little better since I slept on NyQuil and lots of tea. Passed out on the couch apparently around 6:30p, woke up at 3a and couldn't feel my face and my lips were super numb. I must say, it was pretty awesome. Thanks NyQuil.
Ate: B- Pear, Yogurt L: Cinnamon Apple Chips by Bare Fruit Snacks.  This company is wonderful. No additives. No sugar. Organic apples. Gluten free. GMO free. Healthy. The ingredients on the bag literally read: Organic Apples, Organic Cinnamon. And they're wonderfully tasty. D- Big Salad.

Exercise: Exercise? What exercise? Seriously, I have no energy. Just enough to keep me going to work, barely. I'm starting up my routine tomorrow.

Weight Lost: 2 pounds so far. Not too shabby seeing as though I've been laying around the house for the past 2 days. 

If you've never seen a photo of the cat that we got last month, here she Scully:

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