Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 9- I Got Lost

Day off of work = sleeping in. Sleeping in = sleeping past 6 am. Then Steph & VB called and we had a 3 way (call) for a good 20 minutes. Loved it.

I decided to go for a "blind" run where I just run wherever and hope I find my way back home. Uh oh. I got lost. But it's okay because it ended up being a little over 3 miles because of the extra searching around for landmarks. WOOT WOOT! And I ran the first half of it without stopping at all. (For some of you, that's not impressive. For me, it is. K? K.) Honestly, I just had this really weird vibe in my body that gave me all the energy to run forever. When I did stop at the mile and a half point it actually hurt more to walk than to run! So, I started running again and didn't get really exhausted until about 2.75 miles. I guess that's what they call the runner's high. I call that giving myself yesterday morning off from running and it let my body recharge.

Felt: Rested and energetic.
Ate: B- Yogurt & granola, banana Snack: Honey Banana Chips L: Sauteed green pepper & a medium salad.  I ran out of my all natural raw dressing so I had to use the Ranch. Eek! D- Just got home from the ceramic studio so I didn't have time to eat anything. I'm nervous to eat now because it's so late. (I just got home). Maybe I'll just have an orange.

Exercised: 3 mile run!
Weight Lost: I have no idea. I slept in and completely forgot to weigh-in.  You'll get updated tomorrow though.

Also, I decided that starting next Monday I will NOT be reporting weight lost on here as to keep the "YOU DECIDE" competition fair.  That'd be cheating. And if you didn't place your "bet" yet, go do it now!  Only two of you chimed in so far

Here's one of the pots I threw tonight at the studio:

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  1. Oh my gosh I love the pic of your pot your making!
    and runners highs are awesome it's a great feeling. I can't wait till I can run outside but since we have icebergs everywhere I'll stick with the treadmill and rowing machine.