Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Decide

Since we can't decide...

Here's the competition for YOU.

Predict (in the comments below) how many pounds I will lose and how many pounds Mike will lose.  You may be as specific with estimates since our scale is digital.  Also, include what the bet is (what will Mike or I do if we lose). Oh, and we are going pound-for-pound now since our goal weight loss is the same.

Whoever gets closest, you will:
1. Be the first person to find out who won the competition on March 3rd.
2. We will follow YOUR bet guidelines*

Make sure you comment using your first name and last initial, at the very least.

*All bets will be pre-approved by Mike & Lacey


  1. Lacey-15 pounds
    Mike-12 pounds

    Winner gets waited on hand and foot by the loser for a full 24 hours on vacation in August with the fam.

  2. Lacey 6
    Mike 4

    I think winner gets to decide what loser wears and go out on a super awesome (or not so awesome depending on the clothing) date.

  3. Lacey 9.36
    Mike 8.82

    Loser does the cleaning for a week! that includes toilet, shower and sink drains, cat box and dog poo! hehe... can you tell what my least favorite chores are?

  4. Lacey 11.5
    Mike 14

    I gave Mike the higher total even though I have no idea how his weight-loss journey is going because physiology and human nature says a man will lose weight faster than a woman. But, since you all are using percentages to determine the real winner, things even out a bit.

    The prize? Hmmmm, that's a tough one. How about the winner comes visit me in Florida? No, that won't work. I'd really like to actually meet Mike. ;) Thoughts of massages, candlelight, and pampering are coming to mind. Oh wait! I have an idea! (don't you just love how you get to endure my rambling thoughts instead of my just hitting the delete button when I change my mind?) Take the total pounds lost, assign a dollar value per pound, and the winner goes shopping. I'm think an exceptionally nice bikini for Lacey will be in order! And that's my final answer.

  5. Lacey 8
    Mike 6

    Loser has to pay my bar tab when I come there....

    Mark B.

  6. Lacey - 17lbs
    Mike - 20lbs

    [Hard to tell about Mike, since we don't know how he has been feeling/eating...]

    THE BET >
    Loser has to plan a Healthy Dream Date for a Sat/Sun (or any day you both have off). The entire day must be spectacular and healthy!
    > Starting with a super healthy, yummy breakfast... all the way up to lunch, snick snacks and dinner! Loser must prep, cook and clean everything!! (Chocolate covered strawberries count as healthy!!)
    > Healthy day date must include some sort of super fun exercise (walk/hike/beach) and be extremely romantical as well!! (Think - romantical picnic with a sweet view after a healthy hike...)
    > Anything unhealthy or unromantical during the day will result in the loser giving the winner a massage at the end of the day - 10 minute penalty for every unromantical or unhealthy moment.

    Can't wait to see what happens!!