Monday, May 2, 2011


I'm feeling extra feisty today. Now that my motorcycle finally has license plates, the title transfered, registration, and the state inspection done, I took it out for a drive and boy-oh-booooooy!  Reminds me of why I loved riding with my dad so much when I was younger.  Take that feeling and multiply is by 3429023 when you're driving yourself.  YIKES! Good news is, I'm super cautious, as my father always taught me, and always do about 5 under the speed limit right now to give me extra breaking time while I'm getting comfortable.  So when you see those motorcyclists going a little slower than you, don't get upset, just know that we have to be about a thousand times more cautious than you and giving us that extra breaking time for the butthead that cuts in front of us is for our safety, not because we're trying to be intentionally annoying.  I promise.

Breakfast included an orange, a few strawberries, and some yogurt.  Lunch consisted of...uumm..nothing? Sorry, I really was just so busy that I forgot.  It was not intentional.  And for dinner, I had a salad and a baked potato.  My workout consisted of a morning walk and riding Sweet Dee (the motorcycle).

If you've never ridden one, just know that about 5 hours after riding you feel a tightness in your arms and legs.  It's not as bad as a workout, but it takes a lot of muscle movement to stay balanced while pulling in the clutch with one hand, shifting with a foot, breaking with a right hand and then breaking with your right foot, sometimes doing all 4 things at once while trying to stay balanced when coming to a stop.  It really takes a level of coordination that requires practice (hence why I took the  MSF Safety Course).  Much more difficult than driving my standard trans Honda Civic.  At least that thing has 4 wheels.

Mike worked until 9:30pm tonight (from 6 am) so we didn't get to go grocery shopping today, but hopefully he'll be home at a semi-decent time tomorrow so we can get our shopping on.  I'll be posting about that process & what we get tomorrow.

Here's to snuggling with my dogs, because I love them so much.

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