Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My "I Could Never Do That!" Story

Emily Boller originally posted her story on Disease Proof as a reaction to her peers' constant criticism of the "extreme" way of eating.  After seeing that she had lost 40 pounds in 3 months, most conversations would go like this:
'How did you lose weight?'
Of which my reply would always be 'By following Dr. Joel Fuhrman's book, Eat to Live;...basically eating lots of high nutrient, plant-based foods.' 
'You mean no meat? No cheese? No pizza? No McDonalds?...Oh, I could never do that!' 
In her response to that constantly repeated statement of "I could never do that", she says some of these things:
"1. I could never blow the family budget on unnecessary test strips, insulin, medications, doctor and hospital bills, or bypass surgery.
2. I could never carry around expensive medical supplies and meds while traveling.
3. I could never ask a loved one to mow the lawn for me due to fatigue and ill health.
4. I could never ask someone to drive me to kidney dialysis three times a week"
(Read more at the original article)

What she says rings absolutely true with my own story of years of ill health.  As many of you know, I suffered from chronic migraines for over 13 years, dealing with, on average, three or more a week.  I had seen dozens of doctors and specialists, had MRI's, took a plethora of medications and suffered from days in bed, lights out, and constant tears.  To add up the number of hours wasted in dealing with my migraines would only make me saddened to know how much of my life was wasted on something simply because of my crappy American diet.

Here is my own version of Boller's response, as I have had many people say the same thing to me.  So, you could never give up your Big Mac and chips?  Well...

1. I could never again take above the recommended dosage of Excedrin, knowing that I could be destroying my kidneys (which I did constantly, and I feel guilty as hell for doing it, but it was my only chance of relief at the time).
2. I could never again take Excedrin like a daily vitamin, in hopes that it would prevent what I knew was inevitable.
3. I could never pray day in and day out weeks before my wedding, not that I wouldn't fall down the aisle, or that Mike might change his mind about marrying me, or that the caterer wouldn't show, but rather, that I wouldn't wake up with a migraine.  That was my deepest fear. (I literally took 3 Excedrin the night before and the morning of my wedding as preparation for the Big Day.)
4. I could never again miss one of my good friend's baby showers because I was vomiting and crying from a migraine for hours.
5.  I could never walk out of my classroom (with my students still in it) to literally fall to the floor in tears due to a sudden migraine attack & extreme pain, only to have my 10th graders run to the principals office because they thought I needed an ambulance. (I then had to be driven home by said principal because my vision was blurred, a common side effect of my migraines).
6. I could never again spend $500+ a month for pills, creams, drops, doctor's visits, etc.
7. I could never sit in doctor's office after doctor's office only to have them all say "You just need Imitrex and Topamax" after I've already told them that I've had it prescribed to me and both make me vomit all day and made my muscles so weak that I couldn't get out of bed.  None really seemed to care enough to try an alternate route. Pills, pills, pills & $$$$ was their focus.
8. I could never deal with the fear that I may have a brain tumor. (Which I was terribly afraid of, hence the MRI).
9. I could never miss out on so many incredible memories with friends & family, which happened so many times throughout the years.
10.  Lastly, I could never, ever, EVER again deal with the depression I had for months from not knowing what was wrong with me.

My health, happiness, and ability to lead a normal life is important to me, NOT seeking pleasure through tasty, unhealthy food.  Some of you may not be dealing with an immediate health problem at this moment, but think about all of the preventable diseases/illnesses that can easily be avoided by choosing a salad over a Big Mac, or oatmeal over Fruity Pebbles (cancer, heart attack, diabetes, stroke, etc).  What is truly important to you?  It's about choosing to make better decisions, knowing it could make or break your body.  Your body is only as good at the fuel you put in it.

For those that tend to be critical-  try not to be so judgmental of those "crazies" that choose to eat salad or something healthy at lunch.  (I can't tell you how many times I got the "You're eating a salad and carrots for lunch? That's it? That's so weird...").  I never quite understood why people were so quick & passionate to defend such a processed foods diet.  I even think they would agree that certain foods are bad, but when the moment comes where someone is in front of them eating well, they immediately laugh and say "You want a piece of this candy bar? Oh, that's right, you're on a DIET. Hahaha".  What does taunting accomplish? That salad is going to keep me feeling great the rest of the day, while the frozen mac & cheese in a box you (the taunter) picked up at the gas station is probably going to give you the 4:00 pm crash, bloating, and eventually hurt your body.  If you have nothing nice to say about my salad, please don't say it at all.  Now, obviously I used to eat terribly most of my life, so I'm not putting myself on a pedestal.  I'm not trying say that I am better than people who don't eat well.  I was uneducated most of my life! I made stupid decisions about healthy eating and living all. the. time.  But one thing is true: I never judged those those that strove to eat better & I sure as heck didn't try to defend my awful eating habits.  That would have just be lying to myself.  I simply chose to not do better....until now.

Emily recently followed up with "I Could Never Do That part II".  Please check it out!

Here's to a migraine-free rest of my life and a proud veggie eater.



  1. Ok Lacey no forewarning your Mother geeze louise I need a box of frikin tissues!
    Awesome Awesome Awesome blog!!
    I am so thankful to Dr. Fuhrman for writing the book and for you discovering the book and the changes you've made. Not only am I thankful that you no longer have those DAMN headaches (I as your mother and friend endured too many days and nights trying to figure it all out)but you also got me and Dad to follow along and our health is amazingly different, thankfully.

  2. This is beautiful Lacey. Brought tears to my eyes. This is an amazing post and really counters the "I Could Never Eat Like That" excuse. You are wonderful and I am so happy that we have both made healthier choices these past few months and I can't wait to continue on this journey with you!

  3. Sheesh, do I need to put a "warning crybabies---you may cry." warning before some of my posts? Hahahaha. Love you both.