Thursday, August 9, 2012

Photo Blog: Meals & Snacks This Week

Here's a simple post on some of the meals & snacks I've been eating this week:

String Beans and Tomatoes

 Poor Man's Shrimp (cauliflower/old bay/cocktail sauce)

 Big salad with veggies & Italian roasted garbanzo beans & corn on the cob:

This is an old photo since I forgot to take one Monday night!

 Fresh Pineapple

 Cherries (which Rita always begs for)

 Almonds, my favorite snack

 Gala apple and all natural peanut butter (my go-to breakfast!)

I hope this gives you some ideas for snacks & meals! I think this will turn into a weekly post, just showing you what I've been eating since so many people ask "What do you eat other than salad?" Also, keep an eye out as I may have a surprise for you involving a trip next week. YIKES! Hopefully it works out!


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