Monday, July 16, 2012

Blogger Bride MIA

Hey all,
It's been a while. I've been reading the blog and Lacey has been amazing! So thanks to Lacey for all her support while I've been super busy for several months.


I got engaged on 9/10/11 and I got married on 5/26/12. So a big thank you to my beautiful bridesmaid blogger Lacey for pulling all the weight around here!

Engaged in Puerto Rico on 9/10/11
I had to take a blog break because I had so much else going on and it was just too overwhelming to add something else to my plate. Mental health is so important, so I had to take a few things off my to do list while I got everything else figured out. Wouldn't be too healthy for a health blogger to be super stressed about a health blog, would it?!

Wedding planning was amazing... we're a simple couple, so we weren't too stressed about wedding details. However, on top planning a wedding in 8 months, my new husband and I also made pre-wedding trips to Puerto Rico, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Puerto Rico again (our happy place), Ireland and Texas! We also planned a 3 week honeymoon backpacking through Indonesia, Thailand and Egypt - not to mention we both started new jobs this fall and moved into a new apartment in March. So please forgive my absence.

Ireland visiting my Sister studying abroad!
I have been keeping a list of all my blog ideas though - so posts will start trickling in again :) I had some great work out routines 2 months before the wedding (bridal workouts woo!), and got to try some amazing naturally gluten and dairy free foods across Asia and Egypt!
Honeymoon in Cairo, Egypt
Have a great week and I look forward to blogging with Strawberries & Tea again :)

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- Stephanie

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