Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My New Routine & Commitments (for 2 weeks at least)

First of all...WELCOME BACK STEPHANIE!!! My friend and co-blogger is finally done wedding planning, getting married, moving, traveling all over the world, and has finally come back to join us. She definitely needed and deserved the time off to focus on other things in her life. But...I'm totally happy she's back.

As I stated in my last post, I need a huge refocus. My exercise routine needs to be scheduled out and my eating habits, while they are still better than the average American, really need to get back to the nutrient dense lifestyle I love so much. I also need to get back to blogging regularly, since it's what I love to do most. So, here's the plan.

5:30 am--Wake up (Yes, my friends, this is it. Back to my normal 7.5 hours of sleep!)
5:30-6-- Feed rabbit, dogs, cat, eat banana, change into workout clothes, and help husband get out of the door for work.
6:30--Run anywhere from 2-5 miles (my separate running routine will define what I specifically run each day. This just specifies the time.)
7:30-- Breakfast
8-8:30- My "down" time. I'll use this for meditation, Bible study, prayer. NO COMPUTER. NO PHONE. NO DISTRACTIONS.
8:30- Shower & get ready/leave for work!

1:00- Lunch

4:00-- Pre-workout snack
4:15-- Evening workout depending on how my body feels (bike, P90X, yoga, etc)
6:00ish-- Dinner
6:45-- Write Blog Post (Mon, Wed, Fri)
9:00-- Computer off. Phone on charger. Wind down time (for better sleep). If reading, be done by 9:30.
10:00--Bed. No questions asked.

Saturday & Sunday
7:00am-- Wake up
8:00-- Any light 30 minute workout, Saturday only. Sunday's are free days.

Basic Commitments For Now
-Juicing at least once a day
-Drinking at least 64 oz of water a day.
-A salad with lunch and dinner (remember, salad is the MAIN COURSE)
-At least one workout a day (the evening 2nd workout is optional, but it is a goal of mine to get in my morning run AND an evening weight/strength training workout. Running doesn't target all muscles the way I'd like.)

So, this is what I have for now. I'm going to try this for 2 weeks and see how I like it. I'll make adjustments where needed. Obviously, some nights will be a little different depending on plans with friends & my husband, but this is pretty close to how I'd like my days to run....ideally. I'm hoping this will get my sleep patterns on track and my water & nutrient intake back to normal.

With that said, to jump into the swing of things, I think i'll be doing a 3 day juice cleanse (Wed, Thurs, Fri). Honestly, I'm still deciding and doing my research on the healthiest way to approach it.  To truly get me back on track, I believe a cleanse is an extremely healthy way to rid your body of any excess toxins and to get your body prepared to be back into it's normal routine. It'll also help rid myself of the cravings for processed carbs and sugars.  If you see a blog post tomorrow about said cleanse, then I decided to go ahead with it.  Please feel free to leave any tips you have on juice cleansing!

Here's to getting back into a routine!!


  1. Funny I started getting up about 5:10 to get my day started. Usually a run or walking Max. Looks like an awesome routine. And yes I need to work on my intake of water also. . .

  2. I love this! As per our chat yesterday, I tend to get into a rut after holidays and get my cravings back for sugar and soda! But I know once I buckle down and get back to eating better regularly and running again that those cravings will go away and I'll feel much better. Cheers to getting back on track!
    <3 SH