Monday, February 25, 2013

A Plethora of Smoothie Recipes for SH

Hey hey, SH here and I finally got a smoothie maker as mentioned over here. I constantly have cravings for ice cream, so I am hoping that smoothies are my healthy answer to my serious sweet tooth.


On my last postLydia from Made for More commented with a bunch of solid advice:
"I use frozen fruit and almond milk in pretty much every recipe. The frozen fruit (especially the banana) helps create a creamy, frosty texture without watering down the taste (which is what an iced-based smoothie with fresh fruit will do. The times I don't have a frozen banana and use a fresh one, it ends up being more like a liquid shake. If I add ice to fix it, it gets bland). 
By using frozen fruit, you combine the needed ice and fruit into one! I stock up on bananas and keep a bag of sliced (somewhat ripe) bananas in my freezer so I can have a smoothie ready to go anytime! You'll have fun mix-n-matching and not every smoothie will taste exactly the same! It's fun!
I would say the one way you could mess up a smoothie (as I have!) is to put notoriously bitter greens into it that no amount of banana can compensate for (if you want a green smoothie, use banana and/or a nut butter to round out the taste). Kale is doable and you can keep adding more as your tastes adjust to it. Collards or chard on the other hand... deadly. I once made the mistake of making a swiss chard smoothie... Never. Again."

Lydia recommends these recipes that I cannot wait to try:
- Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie
- Rainbow Smoothie
- Banana Nut Soft Serve
And in her words: There's no limit to what you can do with it/add in! (Cocoa, mint, coconut, etc).

Lacey also told me that she has been making her smoothies lately with coconut water instead of soy milk. Thanks so much to Lydia and Lacey for their advice - I'm off to make my first smoothie, wish me luck!!


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