Thursday, January 31, 2013

Smoothie Starter

Hello, Steph here. And I have a serious sweet tooth. Ice cream is my weakness. But of course trying to stay dairy free, ice cream isn't my best option. (Truth note: I still totally eat ice cream and with a side dose of Lactaid I'm typically OK afterward).

I started daydreaming of an alternate solution... and then it came to me - SMOOTHIES! I could get more fresh fruit into my diet and trick my sweet tooth. Lacey has been posting sweet smoothie recipes and I knew I had to give this a try.

Like a typical New Yorker, I keep a bare minimum of kitchen supplies and therefore didn't even own a blender. After a few searches on Amazon, I ordered the Oster My Blend 250-Watt Blender. At only $30 this was a perfect smoothie maker for me. I loved the orange color, you can blend the smoothie right in the sport bottle (easy clean up!), it's dishwasher safe (not that I have a dishwasher), had great reviews and they also send recipes in the instruction manual to try!
The blender should be arriving this week and I can't wait to start trying new recipes. Lacey has a few recipes posted that I will be trying for myself, then hopefully I can get artsy fartsy and come up with a few more favorites of my own.

Any tips on making a delicious smoothie? Do you prefer soy milk or orange juice? Do you use a lot of ice? What are your favorite fruits to mix? Do you use fresh or frozen fruit? Please tell me I can't mess up a smooth recipe!

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  1. I love smoothies! I have one pretty much 6 mornings out of 7. I also have a single serve blender that blends in the travel cup and it definitely does make smoothie-making outrageously convenient!

    I use frozen fruit and almond milk in pretty much every recipe. The frozen fruit (especially the banana) helps create a creamy, frosty texture without watering down the taste (which is what an iced-based smoothie with fresh fruit will do. The times I don't have a frozen banana and use a fresh one, it ends up being more like a liquid shake. If I add ice to fix it, it gets bland).

    By using frozen fruit, you combine the needed ice and fruit into one! I stock up on bananas and keep a bag of sliced (somewhat ripe) bananas in my freezer so I can have a smoothie ready to go anytime! You'll have fun mix-n-matching and not every smoothie will taste exactly the same! It's fun!

    I would say the one way you could mess up a smoothie (as I have!) is to put notoriously bitter greens into it that no amount of banana can compensate for (if you want a green smoothie, use banana and/or a nut butter to round out the taste). Kale is doable and you can keep adding more as your tastes adjust to it. Collards or chard on the other hand... deadly. I once made the mistake of making a swiss chard smoothie... Never. Again.

    This is my favorite recipe (made almost daily!)
    (Omit the wheat germ since you're GF)

    Have fun!

  2. Also, if you love ice cream (as I did in my dairy-days), you must try banana soft serve! It's brilliant and hardly different than the real thing!

    There's no limit to what you can do with it/add in! (Cocoa, mint, coconut, etc).

  3. Ahh that all sounds SO GREAT!! Thanks so much for the advice! I'll be getting my smoothie maker delivered this week so I will definitely be making smoothies next week (and kicking Ben & Jerry out the door for a while...). I will def need to stock up on fruits to make it convenient to make every day. Will keep everyone updated!

  4. SH! I'm so excited for you to join the smoothie club. Just as an added note, I've been making my smoothies lately with coconut water instead of soy! It's also super yummy.