Monday, February 4, 2013

Pulling a Skike

Hey - SH here with a quick few ideas on how to make your cooking life easier if you have a boyfriend/roommate/hubby/fiance/etc.

Recently Lacey's husband (Skike - college nickname / don't ask) prepped an entire meal that Lacey was planning on cooking before she got home from a super long day of work. It saved her over an hour of prep time and made her cooking experience a million times happier. #happywifehappylife

Roomies that cook together, stay healthy together...

Taking a cue from Skike, I recently did the prep work for a long meal my husband D was planning on cooking that night. He was very grateful and it took him a lot less time to cook dinner. Both of us work 10-12 hour days and a lot of the time are just too freaking tired to cook after work. Living in NYC and having access to ordering any food in the world we want, it's what we often end up doing.

We realized that instead of switching nights to cook dinner, if both of us did half the work every night - it would be a lot easier on both of us. Since we're trying to make this whole cooking thing a hobby together, pulling a Skike is our new game plan.

I like to call myself the Chorganizer... "Chef Organizer". Cooking intimidates me because I'm such a perfectionist and D is such a great cook - so this is a great way for me to learn how to cook and improve my skillz.

Would you rather cook alone? Or do you need someone to set up for you? Would you rather cook in a group or take lessons to learn how to cook? Connect with us on Facebook to chat about your fav ways to tackle cooking after a long day. I sure as hell need some tips to make this easier every day :)


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