Monday, May 20, 2013

Super Easy Chicken, Rice & Veggies Dinner

Steph here, and I totally agree with Lacey about Keeping Dinners Simple. I constantly struggle with cooking a healthy meal and making it quick and easy. I was trying on a ton of new recipes which was fun, but not all of them were gluten and dairy free. I'm on a strict healthy eating kick right now (hellooooo summer) so I wanted to my make cooking nights easier.

Enter: Chicken, Rice & Veggies
- Chicken ~ we stock up and keep it frozen so we can just pull it out that morning when we need it
- Brown rice ~ boil in a bag is too damn easy
- Veggies ~ we buy a variety of frozen mixed bags

Love these veggie mixes - and no time for chopping!

Life saver / dish saver / time saver

I add in a hodge podge of spices

Dicing up the chicken - we may do this in advance over the weekend now

Finished product - delicious and healthy


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