Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sunfood Giveaway

Goal: a desired result a person envisions, plans, and commits to achieve-- a personal desired end-point in some sort of assumed development.
Goal setting ideally involves establishing specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-targeted objectives.

If you haven't read yet, Stephanie will be embarking on a new journey towards being a runner. Her failed attempts as a child aren't stopping her, and her drive has inspired me to do a couple things at the end of this year. 2012 is only 3 months away, and as the colder weather sets in, excuses to stay warm & inside will be easier to make and over-sized, hearty, & possibly unhealthier meals will be more appealing.  Here's my challenge for you:

What three things do you want to accomplish by December 31, 2011?

They can be career related. Family related. Nutrition based. Fitness related. Literally anything you want, but I want the final result to be something that has made your life healthier. Remember, being healthy, in Strawberries & Tea standards, doesn't necessarily mean eating the right things. One of your goals can be giving yourself more "me" time during the week to keep your stress levels low. Or finding a routine sleep schedule so that your digestive system can work more properly and your efficiency levels at work skyrocket with the added energy.  Maybe it's cutting back on coffee.  Introducing more fruits & vegetables. Cooking at home more.  There are always things we could be doing better.

Let's go out of 2011 with a BANG!

So, what does Sunfood have to do with this? Well, I love Sunfood. A lot. They have been selling organic foods, raw foods, and superfoods since 1995 and have been at the forefront of bringing some of the most delicious and nutritionally packed foods to the world's attention.

They were so awesome to send us some amazing things to give you all.  Five of you can win and each will receive a 28g bag of each:
Maca PowderGoji BerriesOrganic Whole CashewsOrganic Incan Berries

What you need to do?
1. Like Strawberries & Tea's Facebook page.
2. Like Sunfood's Facebook page. (They didn't even ask me to do this. I love the articles they post on that page. They'll tell you more about nutritionally packed foods than you ever knew possible. Trust me, you'll want to read their stuff.)
3. Leave a comment with your 3 goals.  Try to be specific with your desired results.

And if you'd like, tell all your friends. Remember, 5 of you will win! And...wait for it.....

A grand prize winner will also get, in addition to the Sunfood gifts, a copy of the book that transformed my life this past February, got rid of my migraines, and helped me lose all this weight: Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live.

What are you waiting for?! A winner will be chosen in one week, the night of Wednesday, September 28th! You have until 5pm Wednesday to enter.



  1. I love setting goals throughout the year to keep me motivated. My 3 goals for end of 2011:
    1. Learn to run at a steady pace for 30 minutes (and enjoy it!)
    2. Cook a new recipe every week (and share with S&Tea)
    3. Figure out how to cook a great gluten free/dairy free holiday (Tgive or Cmas) meal that I can eat (Last year I had to give up all my favorites, this year I feel better prepared to cook!)

    Love, S

  2. Some goal suggestions in case you are stuck:
    1. Try a new hobby you've always wanted to
    2. Cut back on drinking
    3. Go for a walk every day
    4. Cook 1 meal a week
    5. Pack your own lunch for work (health & a money saver!)
    6. Give up gluten for 3 months (but not for holidays season haha!)
    7. Give up dairy (dairy can cause migraines, acne, arthritis, etc - this may be a good idea just to try)
    8. Try my new beginners running schedule with me!

    So excited to see what everyone comes up with! Have fun and remember being healthy is EQUALLY mental and physical!


  3. Well, as you probably know, I am perpetually battling to live a more healthy lifestyle. Bouncing around between Philly, the Lehigh Valley and Tunkhannock makes fast food not only well, fast, but even more tempting when I'm exhausted from a long commute to either of the three places. Additionally, there is little access to healthy foods in Tunkhannock because it's such a small town and so far away from anywhere (think town traffic jam because everyone was so excited about the opening of the new super walmart). But I'm determined to get away from constantly turning to fast food to create a healthier lifestyle for myself and especially for my boyfriend's son (he's 3). That being said, my goals are as follows:

    1. CUT BACK on the fast food. It's not only unhealthy, but it's expensive as well. I am trying to keep more snacks in my car so that I am less tempted to stop for some fries during my travels. My personal favorites are trail mix or veggie chips. I'm also on the hunt for some kale because I found a pretty good recipe for kale chips in a magazine.

    2. MORE fruits and veggies. I'm not anywhere CLOSE to the recommended servings of fruit and veggies most days. I am going to try and add at least one more serving to each meal than I normally eat so I can reach a higher level of nutrition. Along the same lines, I'm going to try and work in more nutrient dense vegetables as opposed to ones that are more empty (think switching iceberg lettuce for spinach).

    3. STAY STRONG when I'm peer pressured into unhealthy food choices. The hardest part about making all these changes is that no one around me really understands why I want to do it. My boyfriend is NOTORIOUS for eating fast food in mass amounts and doesn't understand why I want to make these changes or the importance of eating healthy even though we're still young. In his mind, health food is "freaky" and he's constantly poking fun of me for eating "cardboard". I know he's just teasing, but it certainly doesn't help my morale. I'm trying to change his opinion by slipping healthy food into the meals and not telling him until after. It's working, but it's slow progress!

    Hopefully by the end of 2011 I'll have taken a few more steps closer to a lifestyle change as a whole by accomplishing a few of my goals!

  4. My goals:
    1. curb my frivolous spending. don't buy on the spot and determine if I really need it.
    2. sign up to a pool and start swimming (based on my training plan)
    3. stop pretending that finishing my kids food or grabbing a handful of cereal when I walk in the pantry is calorie free. Acknowledge my shortcomings.

  5. I really need to think of my goals for the end of 2011, perhaps:

    1. making it through my first marathon on Oct. 16
    2. Start training for a triathlon (my Dr. thinks I am built perfect for one)
    3. Don't get so moody when the snow finally comes

  6. 1. work out 5 days a week
    2. stop eating out as much
    3. start swimming 2-3 times a week

  7. Wow, when I saw your question, I instantly locked up. Three goals for the rest of 2011? My schedule is so jammed (my own doing), that to put more pressure on myself is a no-no!
    But then I thought about what I want to accomplish, and this is what I came up with:
    1. Save $100 a paycheck & put all extra income into savings, so I can pay off one student loan and save for my future upcoming events.
    2. Run the Free to Breath 5K in memory of my Nana and aunts, and raise $$ for it.
    3. Become more grateful, which in turn will make me more happy.
    4. Rejoice in every decision I make and stop regretting.

  8. 1. Pay off all debt. We are so close!
    2. Continue to kick the diet coke habit. Trying to make this attempt last.
    3. Sign up for an in-state marathon for next year.

  9. 1. Learn to play piano
    2. Cook a new meal once a week
    3. Do yoga every day

  10. I am beginning a new job in a month that will have me working 10pm until 6am. It is going to be a challenge to eat 3 good meals a day since my breakfast will be around 2pm and dinner around 3am. So I have some goals I'd like to set with NO excuses (you are all free to text/email/call and ask if I've kept up).
    Goal 1: Do a 1hr workout 3 times a week
    Goal 2: Have 3 well-rounded meals everyday
    Goal 3: Drink 80oz of water everyday