Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Garden Fence: The Gate (Sneak Peak)

We've finally started working on the garden. Step one was getting the fence complete so that way, when we lay down the compost & wood chips the dogs can't run in and start digging holes. They seem to be fond of that activity.

The plan is to simply use rodent proof wire fencing ($25 for a 50 foot roll) for the border attached to metal stakes, and then chicken wire inside the actual gate (the remaining chicken wire will be used for the rabbit hutch). The gate is actually 2 gates, each 4' wide so when both are open we have an 8' opening to back the truck in to dump the compost/wood chips.

Sunday was spent building the gate, cutting the two wood posts, and then waterproofing all of the wood.  Since the waterproofing has to cure for 48 hours, we'll be putting up the gate tomorrow and then rolling out the metal fencing border. It's not a perfect fence. Nor is it really what I want permanently (I'd rather wood fencing), but since we're strapped on cash and trying to stick with our budget, buying $35 of fencing & chicken wire, $10 in wood, and about $20 in hardware, this is the most cost effective option. Plus, it'll hold up for a few years until we can afford to build a more stable, long-standing, wood fence.

Mike working hard in our dirty garage.

This is the chicken wire we're using for the inside of the gate.

Lining the inside of the gate.  See, I work hard, too.

This is just a sneak peak. Look out for an entire blog post on how to build the entire fencing system, including measurements, tools needed, hardware that we used, etc.  Hopefully it'll be up by the end of the week!



  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing all this. I think the fence and gate will nice. It is even cooler since you guys are building it.

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