Friday, September 16, 2011

Fighting For Your Health

This week is my 1 year anniversary of being diagnosed gluten and dairy intolerant. My journey to my diagnosis and this past year of relearning all of my eating habits has taught me a lot.

In my first gluten free and dairy year I have re-learned how to eat, learned how to cook and plan out balanced meals, learned how to read labels, and learned how to cheat (lots of learning!). At times it sucked and I wanted nothing to do with it, but looking back... before this year was even more difficult. It sucked to be tired all of the time, cranky, never feeling satisfied from any of my meals. I had been to over 10 doctors in 5 years, each one testing and sending me away with a different diagnosis.

The craziest part to me about my diagnosis was that it was something I could change myself, without any medicine! Even though I get down about not being able to eat whatever the heck I want, I am grateful that this is my fate. Many people end up with a lot worse things. I am so grateful for my health now.

I know Lacey feels the same way about being able to cure her awful migraines with just the foods she eats. We both struggled with learning how to get better - and we didn't give up and now we feel better than ever! So that being said... I urge you to fight for your health. Don't accept just any medicine from a doctor, figure out the ROOT of the problem, don't just treat the symptoms.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to continuing my health education and sharing with everyone. I'm going to be starting a new CHALLENGE! in the next few weeks to stay tuned...

- Stephanie


  1. I'm SO proud of you SH. Look at how far you've come!

  2. I know can you believe it -- the girl who was addicted to chicken nuggets overcame a gluten intolerance. Yayy!! So happy we can share this journey together, feels less lonely ;) Love, S