Monday, March 4, 2013

Bad Bananas

Hey it's SH and I messed up my first round of smoothies! :S I started my smoothie project about a month ago and found so many mouth watering smoothie recipes I couldn't wait to try.

So I got my smoothie grocery list ready to go and hit the store. I skipped the frozen section (cya ice cream) and headed straight for the fruit!

When I got home I had the GENIUS idea of putting all the fruit in our freezer - to get them frozen for frozen smoothies?! No idea where I got my reasoning from. So once I realized that the fruit should not be frozen solid, I moved them to the fridge.

And then my bananas took a smoothie turn for the worst:

Sad Banana Smoothie

The bananas freaked out, and the raspberries, blueberries & strawberries got all soggy groggy and gross. Whaaaat a waste of money. I was so sad. And also laughing at my crazy idea to freeze the fruit. Helloooo that is what ice is for!

Oh life - so major smoothie fail on my part. Any tips/ideas/comforting words/RIP fruit messages for my sad smoothie start? Catch up with us on Facebook to see if I have made any more smoothie progress :)



  1. Aw, bummer! Freezing the bananas in their skin will just tamper with the ripening process. They will turn brown on the outside without ripening on the inside. Learned that the hard way once. Plus getting the frozen skins off the frozen banana is a nightmare!

    If you want frozen bananas for your smoothies, let them ripen on your counter until they're spotting so they'll be sweet. Then peel, break into 1 inch chunks, and store in a plastic bag in the freezer. Once you get a banana bag started, you'll always have a useful repository for aging bananas that you're not going to eat right away! I love it.

    As far as other fruit, I buy them frozen from the freezer section. It's probably cheaper that way. Plus, fresh fruit is such a treat I prefer to eat it that way instead of blending it into liquid! :)

    Keep persevering! :)

  2. Thanks Lydia! Def learning the hard way :) Ahh love the idea of a 'banana bag' without ruining them in their peels!
    For some reason I didn't see frozen fruit in my grocery store - but thats just the one I go to on my block. I have like 6 grocery stores in a 10 block radius of me (welcome to NYC) so I will have to keep looking because that sounds so much easier! And fruit is so expensive (well - until our fruit stand comes back on our block in the warmer weather).
    Thanks for the advice - I appreciate it :)
    - SH